Going Green With Concrete Coating in Your Houston Home

[Posted on August 5th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Incorporating concrete coatings such as Carvestone to your pool decks, driveways, outdoor patios and walkways is a green and eco-friendly way for homeowners to save the planet and save some money too. Using concrete coating in your Houston home can make any surface look great with its benefits of sustainable construction, blending beauty, economy, durability and functionality that will last a lifetime. Going green when it comes to your flooring and patios can actually save you cash over the long haul because you won’t be spending lots of money on repairs and maintenance.

Pros of Concrete Coatings

Allied Outdoor Solutions implements quartz coating that looks and feels like genuine stone with all of concrete’s durable benefits yet without the high price tag. With twice the strength of concrete, this coating doesn’t get too slippery when it’s wet, which is great around pool areas. Its versatility allows you to incorporate it anywhere, from walkways to driveways. Including a concrete coating on your Houston patio can also add a decorative element through customized patterns and colors. Concrete coatings are also resistant to many types of abrasions, impacts, stains, chemicals and even thermal shock, plus they don’t shrink over time and their colors don’t fade from the sun, which is an important factor when living in Houston.

The growth of mold and mildew is prohibited with concrete coatings, thanks to the natural non-porous finish. You don’t have to do a lot to maintain your areas of application, either, which is also a key benefit especially when those areas get a lot of foot traffic from kids, pets and cars. When a coating is applied to concrete, this preserves the natural beauty of the underlying concrete by shielding it from the harmful effects of the sun, cold, rain and heat. Due to their natural stain resistance, concrete coatings allow for quick and easy cleanup when you spill beverages, suntan lotion, soda, fruit juice, wine or any other liquid.

Why are Concrete Coatings Eco-Friendly?

Decorative concrete flooring has dual functions, becoming both foundation slab and finished floor in one, with no need for replacement over the years. This in turn conserves materials, improves energy efficiency and boosts the quality of your indoor air. Perhaps you’ve read about possible toxic elements to products that have been traditionally used to stain and seal concrete flooring. But the concrete coatings of today have low-odor, non-toxic varieties that won’t pollute the air your breathe in.


Aesthetics is a big reason to outfit your driveways and pool area with concrete coatings, which can be custom tailored to match the surroundings. If you think a messy tear-out and excavation is necessary, think again. This is a hand carved, detailed process that’s minimally invasive and works well with your existing landscape. Add a slip resistance to your pool areas, some texture to your driveways or decorative patterns to your patio. The best thing about concrete coatings is that they’re unique and no one else has quite the same look that you do. Save your little corner of the planet by going green and impress your guests with your beautiful new patio and walkway, all at the same time.