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Custom Outdoor Living in Dallas, Texas


Hand-crafted outdoor living in Dallas

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With thousands of custom projects completed in Dallas, and over 20,000 projects completed across Texas, we’ve worked diligently over the last decade to earn the level of experience necessary to build an outdoor space designed specifically for you. One of the things that makes outdoor living wonderful can also make it challenging: the possibilities are endless. With all of the different directions a custom outdoor project can go, it becomes that much more important to select a trusted partner who can deliver on the right design and build for your space. Layout, structure, material, maintenance, and utility, are just a few of the elements that must be considered when crafting a project that changes the way you live while appearing native in your existing space. You may find a Dallas contractor who could specialize in providing one product but – where Allied shines – is in looking at the entirety of the project and making sure each piece collaborates with the others to improve the whole. We’re also proud to offer short and long-term financial flexibility to make sure your outdoor living project works with your budget.

Services in Dallas, Texas


Handcrafted for unrivaled beauty, Carvestone® offers a bespoke application that combines time-tested durability with a highly tailored look.

Patios & Pool Decks

Make your backyard dream a reality with a new patio or pool deck, the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests.

Shade Structures

Whether you’re looking for relief from the summer sun or a spring shower, our hand-crafted, custom-built shade structures will put you at ease. After all, a backyard isn’t complete if you can’t live in it year-round.

Pool Remodels

Whether it’s crafted from scratch or breathing life into an existing pool, let’s start planning now so that the boutique pool of your dreams is only a few steps away.

Outdoor Kitchens

Designing and crafting the perfect outdoor cooking station may be all that’s needed to elevate you to grill master.

Fire Features

The right fire feature can set the ambiance during those warm summer nights, provide warmth as you cozy up and as it cools down, and- most importantly – create family memories you’ll never forget.

Driveways & Walkways

Our driveways are built to withstand vehicular traffic, but intended to transform your curb appeal. The right approach can change the way you feel each time you pull in.

Outdoor Furniture

Designed for extreme comfort and maximum durability, our hand-selected furniture collection should be the final touch to your outdoor retreat.

Design & Build With Confidence

Our process has been refined over the past two decades to streamline communication, guarantee quality, and ensure that you love your new outdoor space.


We’ll start with an in-home consultation where you’ll share your dream environment. We’ll work to provide a solution and develop a financial path that fits your needs, timeline, and project budget.


You’ll work with our designers to select your products, finalize materials and complete your vision. We’ll then authorize drawings, obtain work permits, and build-out your project schedule.


Our dedicated coordination team will ensure there is constant communication throughout the construction process and we’ll perform a quality inspection at the completion of each phase.


The construction journey is never simple but, in the end, it’s always worth it. With the build process complete, it’s time for you to enjoy the custom outdoor space we’ve crafted together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Allied Outdoor Solutions?
As a local business nestled in the heart of Grapevine, we’re always hyper aware of the fact that we’re your neighbors. We have team members sprinkled around Dallas proper, Frisco, Southlake, Plano, Garland, Coppell, Duncanville and all throughout the rest of the Metroplex. In an industry as challenging as residential construction, we’ve made it our mission to offer something different: construction experience combined with humanity. We’ve worked to create a level of quality and service we’d want provided to our friends and family. Those intentions shouldn’t indicate we won’t occasionally miss our target but it does mean we’re committed to continuing until we’ve made it right. After all, our plan is to complete this project and to also be there for the next one.
How long will it take to get my proposal?
Having completed thousands of projects throughout the Dallas area communities, we’re now extremely familiar with local city ordinances and the construction team we’ll intend to build with. Our goal when we arrive at our first meeting is to provide you with a comprehensive proposal at our initial visit. That said, some projects require a different level of preparation and may require multiple visits, 3-D designs, and many hours of diligence before a comprehensive proposal can be presented. In those rare cases, we’ll provide a timeline to you and communicate until we’re able to provide an exact price for your project.
How long will my project take to complete?
If we were in your shoes, we’d want this answer as well. We’ll attempt to provide an estimate for each unique project at the initial consultation, but there are simply too many variables throughout the construction process to provide a definitive completion date. An HOA at a neighborhood in Mesquite may require a different review period than one in Prosper. The permitting and inspection process in Dallas is entirely different than one in Allen. The weather in the summer allows work to move more quickly than a project completed in the winter. Then you mix in rain, holidays, engineering, general construction delays, and changes of scope and you can quickly erode an initial estimate. Here’s what we can commit to: we’ll provide as accurate an initial timeline as is reasonable, communicate throughout the process and work to complete your project as efficiently as possible.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. The type and length of the warranty is entirely dependent on the products constructed and can be discussed at the initial consultation. On top of any product specific warranties provided, we also offer a more general one year workmanship warranty, which is our way of guaranteeing our installation will reach our internal standards. Additionally, we service the entire Metroplex and complete daily service visits to our existing client base all the way from McKinney to Waxahachie and beyond. Rest assured, we're your construction partner from the initial construction and throughout the many, many years to follow.