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Decorative Concrete Designs & Styles

Beach Pebble Interest to Concrete Patio

The warm, gray-toned Carvestone concrete patio emanates a contemporary and inviting ambiance, setting the stage for a stylish outdoor retreat. A beach pebble border gracefully encircles the patio, introducing a captivating contrast with its natural textures. This thoughtful integration extends to a stone seating wall, seamlessly merging with the modern design to form a cohesive outdoor space. The judicious combination of materials not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to a functional setting, creating an idyllic environment for both relaxation and entertainment.

Blending Decking to Expansive Views

Nestled under the expansive skies, the gray-toned Carvestone patio provides a tranquil and neutral backdrop, setting the stage for a serene outdoor escape. As the patio gracefully unfolds, it unveils a breathtaking panorama of Central Texas, seamlessly integrating the indoor and outdoor realms. The muted gray tones of the patio act as a subdued canvas, accentuating the natural beauty of Central Texas and allowing the mesmerizing view to take center stage. This thoughtfully crafted space becomes the perfect setting for savoring the scenic landscape and embracing the tranquil ambiance that defines the essence of the region.

Concrete Can Be Fun and Games

A distinctive outdoor focal point emerges with a custom-designed, life-size chess board meticulously crafted from Carvestone. The warm brown tones of the brick home harmonize effortlessly with the surrounding patio, establishing a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Beyond its practicality, this creative installation introduces an artistic element to the outdoor environment, contributing not only to an exciting game space but also to the overall aesthetic charm.

Contrasting Deck Materials for Major Patio Impact

Designed to mimic the elegance of travertine, the light Carvestone pool deck brings a touch of luxury to the outdoor space. The patio gracefully leads to an expansive view of lush trees and rolling hills, creating a tranquil and scenic backdrop. The light Carvestone pool deck radiates a cool and refreshing ambiance, providing an ideal space for relaxation and outdoor gatherings. There curated elements form an idyllic setting that harmoniously merges modern design with the innate beauty of the outdoors, inviting residents and guests to appreciate nature in all its splendor.

Elegance from Drive to Door

An elegant and chic residence boasts a captivating circle drive crafted from charcoal Carvestone in a running bond pattern, radiating a modern yet timeless aesthetic. This striking circular drive links to the grand entrance of the home, creating an atmosphere of warmth and luxury from the very first impression. The dark charcoal tones of the Carvestone circle drive serve as a sophisticated contrast to the exterior of the house, accentuating its architectural beauty. The amalgamation of these design elements contributes to a refined atmosphere, setting the stage for an impressive and upscale living experience.

Mediterranean Charm with Concrete Courtyard

The grand entryway of this Mediterranean-style residence commands attention, making a bold statement with the stunning centerpiece of Terracotta-toned Florenzia Carvestone. Adorned in an intricate Florenzia pattern with rich terracotta tones, the Carvestone adds a distinctive touch of Mediterranean flair to the space. Serving as the focal point, it draws the eye and reflects the warmth and character inherent in the home's architecture. This grand entryway not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but also provides a visually captivating introduction to the residence, seamlessly blending texture and color.

Mixed Materials Perfectly Matched with Carvestone

The backyard patio skillfully weaves together various textures, culminating in a cohesive and inviting space. Elegance meets functionality with the addition of flagstone pool coping, gracefully framing the pool area and ensuring a safe edge. The patio itself boasts a Carvestone overlay, introducing an artistic dimension to the overall design and establishing a seamless connection between all elements.

Modern Turf Grass Concrete

In the realm of modern backyard design, sleek concrete squares gracefully intermingle with lush turf, collectively shaping a minimalist and contemporary outdoor space. Arranged in a grid-like pattern, these concrete squares instill a sense of organization and modernity into the small backyard. The deliberate contrast between the concrete and turf elements harmonizes effortlessly, resulting in a visually appealing and low-maintenance landscape. The interplay between the firmness of the concrete and the softness of the turf achieves a perfect balance, infusing the backyard with a modern aesthetic.

Showstopping Concrete Turf Patio Design

In a display of modern design, this expansive patio embraces a blend of concrete and turf, capturing the essence of contemporary luxury. The transition is seamlessly executed, enhancing not only the visual appeal but also fostering a practical and low-maintenance environment. Beyond maximizing functionality, the concrete and turf features contribute significantly to the patio's overall contemporary and upscale atmosphere, rendering it an ideal haven for both relaxation and entertainment.

Texas Proud Details

The Texas star hand-carved concrete design stands as a remarkable and intricate element, drawing inspiration from the iconic symbol of the Lone Star State. Executed with precision and unwavering attention to detail, the Texas star is skillfully etched into the concrete surface, serving as a striking focal point. The hand-carved technique imparts a distinct and artisanal quality to the concrete, elevating it to the status of a captivating work of art.

Textured Concrete Border Defines Space

Designed as a haven for leisure and relaxation, the textured Carvestone patio stands out as a sophisticated and modern space. Comprising multiple shades of gray, the concrete surface achieves a sleek and contemporary appearance, imbuing the area with depth and character. Ideal for outdoor seating, entertainment, and stylish unwinding, the patio exudes an inviting and chic environment.

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