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Fire Features

Let The Stories Continue No Matter The Temp

Add drama and flare to your dream backyard with a custom fire feature.

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We’ve come a long way from the modest backyard fire pit. Today the features, conveniences, and design options make a fire feature or custom fireplace the perfect punctuation to your outdoor experience. From simple to spectacular, you can create your fire feature as a gathering place, a focal point, or both. We’re here to guide you through all the possibilities to find your perfect fit.

We’ll custom design, and custom build any look—from rustic to modern and everything in between. We’ll sit down and help you plan the perfect outdoor fire fixture, then we’ll execute that solution with the best materials and installation techniques available. And we’ll be there for you after the build to make sure you’re happy with your fire feature for the days, weeks, and years to come.

A Warm, Cozy Refuge for When the Temperatures Drop

Heat from burning wood, natural gas, or propane make your dream backyard cozy and comfortable long after the sun goes does.

Bring People Together

People naturally tend to gather around a fire as a focal point. Few things are more fundamental, or more enjoyable, than sitting around an open fire with family and friends.

Outdoor Cooking & S’mores

Many fire pits and fireplaces are designed with cooking grates or other accessories that make it easy to cook over the fire. This can be a fun and enjoyable way to prepare meals and snacks such as s'mores.

Fire Features Details

Custom Firepits

We can create custom, handmade outdoor firepits from a variety of materials and finishes. Everything from color, style, and size is completely up to you.

Fuel Source

Whether it’s wood burning, plumbed gas or a propane tank, we’ll work through the details and make sure we arrive at a solution that fits your lifestyle.

Pizza Ovens

You can pick up the phone and order a frozen pizza from a chain or you can build a fire, stretch the dough, use fresh mozzarella and bring Italy home. You choose.

Chopped Stone
Blanco Chopped
Austin Chopped
“If you’re looking for a high quality, professional outdoor living contractor, Allied Outdoor Solutions did an outstanding job on our extended patio/fireplace project. We had a patio cover built that tied into the existing roofline, plus an outdoor fireplace constructed, and we could not be more pleased with the result. Our project was quite extensive and involved the additional challenge of working very close to our existing pool. Masonry, framing, roofing, electrical, trim, and painting were all done very well. It was evident from the construction materials and methods used that Allied has high standards and wants customers to be satisfied. Carlos Flores was a pleasure to work with; always professional and kind. We LOVE our new patio, and so do our family, friends, and neighbors!”
— Matt S.
4.6 Stars
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Our Build Process

1. Design

The utility of each fire feature is as unique as the specific tastes of each client.

2. Prepare

Gas or wood burning? We’ll need to start with proper drainage and utilities.

3. Build

Brick, stone, or travertine can all be used to create the feature.

4. Live

We’ll fire it up and walk away leaving you to the new centerpiece of your space.

Outdoor Fire Feature Costs

There are simply too many site specific details to provide a unit price without first seeing the area. Once we put our eyes on it, we can discuss all of your desired design elements, the way you intend to use the space and provide a price to get started. We can also provide you with several creative ways to make that happen. Let’s get that started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gas or wood burning firepit better?

We like to tell our clients to think of it like cooking. Both are great depending on your own preferences and the time you have available. In most cases you can create either but drainage and plumbing can sometimes limit your options.

Is there anything that makes starting a fire simpler?

We have electronic ignition kits that can help expedite the process and we also offer products that connect to your smart phone and allow you to control the entire experience from the palm of your hand.

Can a firepit be wood burning?

Yes. We’ll just need to address the drainage and discuss a plan for keeping the base clean.

Does a fireplace require a chimney?

Of some sort, yes. It has to be able to get the smoke out so that it isn’t spilling out the fireplace opening.

Can I turn on a fire feature with my phone?

Yes. And it’s so much better than starting a fire with a newspaper and a match.

Do I need a permit for my fire feature?

It depends. Many cities throughout Texas don’t require a permit for a wood burning feature. That said, most do require a permit if any plumbing is required for a gas powered feature.

Can I reuse the ventilation from my existing interior fireplace to create an inside-out, see through feature?

Only if you don’t mind the neighbor kids having access to your home.

How long will a Pizza Oven Fireplace last?

Decades. It’s a masonry product that is constructed to last as long as your house.

How long does it take for a pizza oven to get warm?

Generally about 30 minutes.

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