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Beautify your existing concrete without the hassle of messy tear-out.

Durable, Time-Tested CarveStone Finishes

A driveway decoration can be a simple way of adding to your home’s curb appeal. Instead of choosing a stain or stamp that only emphasizes the concrete, why not go with a CarveStone coating that will give your driveway the look of real stone? You don’t need to tear out your concrete driveway in order to beautify your home.

Used Over Existing Surfaces

With CarveStone, we cover your existing surface for a hand-grouted, hand-carved, 100% customized stone look. Our driveways are durable and time-tested. We use a crushed quartz limestone mixture which bonds to your existing surface to hold weights of 6,300 psi. We’ve had driveways last 13+ years and still look great!

Custom Looks Without Messy Tear-Outs!

Choose a square-stone pattern or go with a classic, flagstone pattern which we will customize to suit your driveway. With CarveStone coatings, you can beautify your existing concrete without the hassle of messy tear-out or long installation times.

Preferred by designers and architects worldwide, CarveStone is a lightweight coating that we can apply over your concrete, pea gravel, brick, cool deck, tile, and more.

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Nothing we looked at in the past compares to this. CarveStone really is the real deal. It looks just like real stone

P. Sucato

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away

B. Caswell