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Premium Paver Design & Build

A premium paver is only as good as the base it’s installed on.

What is a Premium Paver?

High-quality and often specialized, premium pavers are aesthetically enhanced paving stones used for landscaping, driveways, and outdoor flooring, celebrated for their superior durability, unique designs, and a wide range of available colors and finishes.

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There are many different variations of high-end pavers: travertine, porcelain, marble, etc. Each of them offers a different level of color variation, temperature retention, and durability. Once we have a complete understanding of how you’re wanting to use your space, we can confidently state we’ll find the perfect paver for you.

Varieties of Premium Paver Options We Provide


A travertine paver has an extremely high PSI rating and can be purchased in colors that make it a pleasant option for our Texas pool decks. It offers a classic look which will stand the test of time.

Blue Stone

Commonly referred to as Pennsylvania Blue Stone, a blue stone product comes from the Northeastern United States. While it’s native there, it’s an expensive product to have landed in Texas.


A porcelain paver is ~1” thick and makes for a great solution for your patio or pool deck. It creates a monochromatic, modern vibe and allows for other elements in the space to really stand out.


As a Belgard Authorized Contractor, we’re thrilled to assist you in discovering the correct Belgard paver for you. Throughout our Texas market, they offer a rich array of colors, styles, textures and patterns.

Large Square

In a large space, a small paver pattern can begin to appear busy. We recommend a large square paver in these scenarios. One drawback is that a large square paver should be used on a driveway.

Hill Country

A light colored paver driveway can draw you in and remind you of a Hill Country Retreat. Let’s work to make your road home something you can be proud of for years to come.

Where We Install Premium Pavers

Driveways & Sidewalks

When used on driveways, premium pavers not only contribute to an aesthetically pleasing and upscale entrance but also provide exceptional strength and resistance to heavy vehicle loads, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.


Premium pavers bring a touch of luxury to patios with their intricate patterns, rich colors, and varied textures, allowing homeowners to create a stylish outdoor living space that mirrors their personal taste.


With a wide selection of elegant designs and finishes, these pavers can be customized to create a unique and inviting pathway that complements the architectural style of the residence, adding value and sophistication to the property.

Pool Decks

Premium pavers on pool decks offer a luxurious and practical choice, as they provide a slip-resistant surface and remain cool to the touch, ensuring safety and comfort for swimmers.

Paver Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

We’ll excavate the existing area and replace it with a carefully compacted cementitious base.

2. Tailoring

We’ll consider the size and shape of the area as well as all ancillary elements before settling on a design.

3. Crafting

A paver system is only as strong and durable as the experienced hand that is overseeing its installation.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll provide one final quality inspection and turn back over your new paver surface to you.

Premium Paver Costs

There is a wide range of cost variance within the paver world. Box stores will offer pavers for under $1/SF and some of our premium paver offerings are as much as $25/SF. Remember, that’s just the paver. In addition you have labor, equipment, base material, setting sand, and polymeric sand. Plus, site specific items like irrigation and drainage. We’re happy to provide you with a comprehensive proposal and design for getting started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the installation process different for a premium paver?

No. As an ICPI certified contractor, our standard installations are the same regardless of the product. Generally speaking, some products require different installation methods than others but not because one is more expensive than the other.

Is there a material availability issue with a premium paver?

There can be. From time to time, we’ll run into a delay. We recommend selecting your paver as early in the process as possible.

Can a premium paver be installed over concrete?

Yes. Often we’ll install a hybrid patio where some of it is overlaid on concrete and the rest is installed on a compacted base.