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Travertine Paver Design & Build

Our goal is simple: make sure we fit you with the paver that best fits your tastes and lifestyle.

What is a Travertine Paver?

As natural stone paving materials renowned for their distinctive, textured surface, durability, and elegant appearance, travertine pavers are commonly used in outdoor settings for their timeless and luxurious aesthetic.

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A travertine paver can elevate any backyard. It’s an extremely high-end look at a mid-tier price point when compared with other porcelain options. It allows for a moderate surface temperature during the summer months in Texas and offers as durable a surface as exists on the market today.

Travertine Patterns & Textures

English Walnut Travertine

Travertine provides a warmth that makes the entire pool area more inviting. Even inside of a line of travertine products there are variations in terms of finish, texture and color.

Travertine Pool Decking

Travertine is the perfect material to be placed beside your swimming pool. Not only is it beautiful, it comes with a complementary coping material and offers a moderate surface temperature.

Silver Travertine

Our Texas landscapes are full of earth tones and browns which - while beautiful - aren’t always the desired aesthetic for Texas homeowners. A silver travertine product can provide a gray surface to balance it out.

Terracotta Travertine

Our first thoughts with a travertine product is that it’s cream or beige or gray but it doesn’t have to be. Our offerings range from a stark white product to pavers with orange and red throughout.

Noce Travertine

A classic travertine look, noce provides the color and pattern to fit seamlessly into our Texas landscapes. It works nicely as a pool decking material but transitions nice on a patio as well.

French Walnut Travertine

While many paver offerings are similarly sized, three piece patterns, a travertine surface comes in everything from a one-piece pattern to a large stone versailles selection.

Benefits of Travertine Pavers

Timeless Appearance

One of the key benefits of travertine pavers is their timeless appearance, which remains stylish and relevant through the years. Their natural stone texture and elegant patterns add a classic and enduring charm to outdoor spaces, making them a choice that doesn't go out of fashion and can complement a variety of architectural styles.

Ease of Repair

Individual pavers can be replaced or repositioned without the need for extensive, costly renovations. This convenience allows for quick and targeted maintenance, ensuring that any damaged or stained pavers can be addressed promptly, keeping the outdoor space looking pristine with minimal effort.


Known for their exceptional durability, travertine pavers are capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor use and weathering. They resist damage from freeze-thaw cycles and are highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their integrity and beauty for many years.

Heat Reflectivity

Travertine pavers exhibit excellent heat reflectivity, meaning they remain cool to the touch, even on hot days, making them comfortable for barefoot walking around the pool. This heat-reflective property is particularly valuable in regions with scorching summer temperatures, enhancing the usability and comfort of outdoor spaces.

Travertine Paver Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

A standard travertine installation is on a compacted crushed concrete and sand base.

2. Tailoring

The available colors, patterns, textures, and thicknesses allow almost every scenario to be a good use case for travertine.

3. Crafting

Because of the product's versatility, it can be cut and customized to fit around geometric and freeform pools alike.

4. Walkthrough

After the final stone is laid, we’ll install the polymeric sand and hand over your brand new space.

Travertine Paver Costs

A travertine paver application is labor intensive and intended to last. In other words, it’s a large investment when compared with simpler products like concrete. In time, we believe that investment is rewarded. Not only will your surface last much longer than a concrete surface will, it will be more beautiful the entire way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are travertine pavers good around a pool?

Yes. Outside of the initial investment, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better application.

Is travertine too slippery for pool deck?

Surprisingly, it has more traction than you’d expect. We recommend taking a few wet samples and walking on them barefoot to get a feel for it.

What happens if you don't seal travertine?

It’s a porous material and will absorb elements that hit the surface. That said, it can be cleaned and sealed to look nearly new at any point.

How long does travertine pool deck last?

It’s a repairable surface. Nothing can happen to the surface that cannot be repaired or replaced.

Do travertine pavers crack easily?

No, as they're nearly 9,000 PSI. We don’t recommend them for driveways as they are larger pieces and only 1 and ¼” thick but they are more than sufficient to withstand the pedestrian traffic expected on a patio or pool deck.