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Exploring the Art of Carvestone Design

Contemporary Patio Deck Hardscape

Featuring a captivating Roman pattern in shades of gray and tan, this patio delivers a visually striking contrast that imparts depth and character. Infused with contemporary design elements like clean lines and geometric patterns, the Carvestone adds a modern and stylish vibe to the traditionally styled setting. The versatile and timeless gray and tan color palette ensures easy coordination with various outdoor furniture and decor, underscoring the patio's adaptability to evolving styles and trends.

Create a Space for Everyone

This patio effortlessly aligns with the home's aesthetic, establishing a seamless and visually appealing transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, thereby enhancing the overall architectural harmony. The well-thought-out layout optimizes space utilization, creating designated areas for each activity and ensuring a functional and inviting environment. Notably, the patio's design prioritizes poolside relaxation, strategically placing comfortable lounging areas for easy access to the pool while maintaining a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Custom Concrete Carving

Adorned with Carvestone flooring in a timeless flagstone pattern, the front porch stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail, elevating the aesthetic of this outdoor space. Built with durable materials, the porch not only showcases its initial beauty but also withstands the test of time, resisting wear and weathering while preserving its classic appeal. The overall design of the porch serves as an inviting entrance to the home, establishing a warm and welcoming atmosphere that resonates with both residents and guests alike.

Custom Concrete Coloring to Complement the Space

A backyard patio showcases a stunning flagstone-patterned Carvestone concrete overlay, combining the aesthetic charm of natural flagstone with the durability of concrete. This custom-colored Carvestone seamlessly ties together the poolside stonework and the home's brick and siding, creating a cohesive outdoor space. Functional and inviting, the patio provides a versatile area for activities like poolside lounging, gatherings, or enjoying the surroundings.

Impactful Front Walkway

Boasting a timeless Roman pattern Carvestone overlay, this walkway radiates elegance and sophistication. Its warm and inviting hues set a welcoming tone, ensuring visitors feel a sense of comfort from the moment they step onto the path. Extending seamlessly from the street to the front door, the pathway establishes visual continuity, guiding guests towards the entrance with grace. The intricate design of the Roman pattern adds a classic charm, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the home's exterior and contributing to its impressive curb appeal.

Lone Star State Style Deck

This backyard features two distinct flagstone Carvestone patios, each designated for outdoor living and entertainment, all tied together with a cohesive design. The Carvestone material allows the beautiful pool to stand out as the focal point, providing a refreshing and inviting oasis for relaxation and recreation. The combination of flagstone Carvestone, the Texas Star detail, and native landscaping achieves a harmonious blend of classic Texan charm and contemporary design, resulting in a timeless and visually appealing outdoor space that encapsulates the essence of Texas—a captivating and inviting retreat.

Mid-Century Modern Carried Out in Concrete

A mid-century modern home serves as a striking backdrop for a transformative patio design featuring a modern Roman Carvestone overlay. This overlay, characterized by contemporary geometric design and precise lines, carefully incorporates warm and cool tones to pay homage to mid-century modern style with a touch of contemporary sophistication. The result is a timeless appeal, blending mid-century modern charm with the contemporary style of Carvestone and making the patio a captivating extension of the home's iconic design.

Modern Meets Tradition Hardscape

The classic brick exterior provides the foundation for a modern transformation as the Carvestone overlay seamlessly blends traditional charm with contemporary cool gray tones. This juxtaposition creates a striking visual contrast that adds depth and elegance to the home's exterior. The Carvestone introduces a refreshing and updated aesthetic, giving the traditional brick home a modern twist while preserving its inherent character.

Natural Limestone Look for Hill Country Atmosphere

Nestled in the stunning Hill Country landscape, the backyard pool deck undergoes a remarkable transformation with a Carvestone overlay mimicking natural stone. This overlay seamlessly blends with the rugged surroundings, celebrating the Hill Country Limestone style and connecting the pool area with the breathtaking views. This integration achieves a perfect synergy, resulting in a pool deck that is both awe-inspiring and deeply connected to its surroundings.

No Step Left Behind - Beautify Every Surface

Flagstone Carvestone-covered stepping stone slabs form an enchanting pathway, extending the pattern from the attached patio and infusing a touch of tropical style into the home. This pathway seamlessly continues the patio's design, ensuring a cohesive transition throughout the outdoor space. Serving as a tranquil extension of the patio, the pathway invites residents and guests to explore and enjoy the tropical oasis surrounding the home.

Prettiest Pathways

Winding its way through the picturesque Hill Country landscape, the long pathway offers a captivating journey through the beauty of nature. Adorned with a warm flagstone-patterned Carvestone overlay, the pathway skillfully mimics the colors and textures of the surrounding foliage and natural stone formations. The harmonious blend of colors ensures that the pathway seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, creating a sense of oneness with the landscape.

Revamp Any Space with Contemporary Concrete

Extending a patio creates a spacious area designed for relaxation, conversation, and leisurely outdoor activities. Enhanced by the clean lines of the Roman pattern, the light-colored Carvestone patio offers a contemporary look that contrasts with the natural foliage, providing a modern touch while harmonizing with the surroundings. This versatile and stylish patio extension combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal space for enjoying the company of loved ones in a tranquil, natural setting.

Transition with Contemporary Shape and Classic Colors

This classic brick home undergoes an elegant and timeless exterior transformation with the application of a light and airy Carvestone overlay. Meticulously applied, this overlay, featuring subtle warm-toned hues in a Roman pattern, achieves a balance between formal aesthetics and welcoming ambiance. The harmonious blend of classic brick and modern Carvestone creates a seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements, resulting in an inviting and elegant space that exudes timeless beauty and comfort.

Travertine Look Complements Any Material

Designed to mimic the elegant look of travertine, the Carvestone overlay seamlessly complements the light-covered patio featuring white brick and off-white cabinetry. This travertine-inspired appearance establishes visual cohesion, adding subtle sophistication to the patio without overpowering its serene atmosphere. The result is a timeless outdoor space that beautifully pairs with the patio's elements, creating a cohesive design that captures the charm of natural travertine.

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