What Are the Biggest Threats to Houston Driveways?

[Posted on April 2nd, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Driveways in Houston and the sun do not generally mix. This is why it’s important to maintain your driveway to keep it looking smooth. If your asphalt or old concrete driveway is sporting fine lines, cracks, pits and bumps, it’s time to get a makeover for your home with a brand new concrete driveway. Putting in a quality driveway will not only look good, it will boost the value of your home and make you the envy of the neighborhood. Trust only a professional concrete company to perform this project and bring new life to your home.

Common Driveway Issues

Taking care of your driveway is crucial to avoid damage to cars, falls and trips. The hot sun can really do a number on driveways in Houston, making them split and crack over time. There are many common problems that plague driveways, with cracks being the number one issue. From weather to regular wear and tear, cracks can develop wherever strong roots try to push up, when moisture gets inside, and when damage occurs to the driveway itself. It’s wise to thoroughly inspect your driveway each year to ensure you stay on top of potential problems before they get bigger and more costly to fix. Ensure you apply regular sealants to decorative concrete to keep the luster and avoid fading. In addition, you should clean your driveway regularly, repair cracks and avoid the use of deicers, to maintain the integrity of your existing concrete driveway.

Other major problems for your driveway include potholes, which can damage the suspension on your vehicle and cause injuries when inadvertently stepped into. You may also experience standing water in your driveway, which is not only a nuisance when it rains, but it can also lead to further crumbling and cracking. Standing water also attracts mosquitoes in the summer time, putting your family at risk for more bug bites. Moss, lichen, mildew, mold and algae can also grow within the cracks of your driveway, drastically reducing your curb appeal and leading to even wider cracks, not to mention dangerous conditions when wet.

Benefits of a New Concrete Driveway

If it’s been decades since you last got your driveway done, it may be time to install a brand new concrete driveway. Professionals skilled in concrete driveways are the best source for this project, as they can pour the concrete with skill and precision. The project becomes even more difficult when intricate patterns and colors are incorporated with decorative concrete applications. Your concrete professional knows the climate of your area inside and out and how the weather affects your driveway. A specialized team can set the concrete properly so as to avoid shifting — in the case of pavers — or settling. They can also provide excavation or grading of the area to ensure a flat, smooth surface. Beforehand, they can contact the proper authorities to ensure they have permission to dig in that area to avoid hitting a utility line.

Your concrete professional will also be able to advise you on which type of surface is best for your needs. Contact your local concrete company to increase the functionality and curb appeal of your driveway today.