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Instead of Stamped Concrete, Chose Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

  • Long-Lasting Value
  • No Messy Tear-Outs
  • Realistic Stone Surface
  • Custom Designs Available

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

B. Caswell

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

J. Svatek

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

J. Bethke

CarveStone a Better Choice than Stamped Concrete

Adding to your home’s curb appeal can augment the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. However, cracked and slippery surfaces can devalue the experience of having a beautiful outdoor patio, driveway or pool deck. Some try methods such as stamped concrete to improve their outdoor area; however, they present issues such as unrealistic stone surfaces and can involve messy tear outs. If you are looking for long-lasting value, no messy tear outs and want to be able to custom design your outdoor living area, then choose Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions as the ultimate outdoor coating.

Allied Outdoor Solutions has an experienced crew of workers who have completed hundreds of concrete resurfacing projects and treat each project as if it were a work of art. Driveways, pool decks and outdoor patios can be made to match the personality of your home, which is very important to homeowners who place so much of themselves into making their homes beautiful. Carvestone is light years ahead of other options like stamped concrete due to several reasons. First, it is twice as strong as concrete with a 5800 PSI rating, which is more durable than stamped concrete which only has about a 3500 PSI rating. Also, it is able to retain its beauty for a long period of time. Some of our customers used Carvestone for their driveways and it has lasted as long as 13 years and is still going strong. You can drive cars over it, trucks, RVs or whatever and it will hold up.

Being 100 percent customizable is another appealing option about Carvestone for those who want to put their own sense of style into beautifying their concrete. It also has the look and feel of real stone because we use actual quarried limestone. People who do not know you have Carvestone will not be able to tell the difference. Also, Carvestone is nowhere as near as slippery as stamped concrete. We trowel Carvestone by hand and use sponges to help give it more texture, thus making your outdoor area safer. This is especially important for customers seeking pool deck resurfacing, since pools decks have an increased potential for slipping. Most importantly of all, there are no messy tear outs with Carvestone. You do not have to deal with heavy construction going on in your backyard or driveway while having Carvestone installed. Carvestone is so reliable that even Randy Lemmon of KTRH’s “Gardenline” says it is the perfect solution.

Concrete coating in Houston has never been easier or more practical than it is with Allied Outdoor Solutions and Carvestone. Our commitment to you is second to none because we aim to achieve satisfaction in any and all aspects of your concrete beautifying project. If you are in need of a new look for your outdoor area, call Allied Outdoor Solutions today for our expert concrete coating services before you try stamped concrete or another method. They are also longtime members of the Better Business Bureau. You can find more information here and see pictures here.

Gorgeous Carvestone Trumps Stamped Concrete Every Time!

Being a homeowner means having the freedom to choose how to surface your outdoor spaces. But if you’re looking for a durable and budget-friendly solution that will have the appearance of real stone, then stamped concrete is not the best solution out there. In fact, you’ll be much better off with choosing Carvestone concrete coating as this superior surfacing solution will unlock numerous benefits that you’ll be sure to love!

There Are Better Solutions Than Stamped Concrete

If you are considering renovating your driveway, patio, or pool deck area, and are contemplating the use of stamped concrete you should know that there are better solutions available at competitive prices, that will perform better, last longer, and have the stunningly beautiful look and feel of real stone.