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Get Carvestone for Your Next Concrete Coating Project

  • Mimics the Look of Real Stone
  • Durable, Long-Lasting
  • No Messy Tear-Outs
  • Each Job is Hand-Troweled, Hand-Textured & Hand-Carved

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Would you like a FREE estimate? Let us hear from you.

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

B. Caswell

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

J. Svatek

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

J. Bethke

CarveStone is the Best for Concrete Coating Projects

When you want to embark on a concrete coating project, choose Carvestone before you try cheaper and less beneficial methods such as stamped concrete or spray-on. Carvestone is offered by Allied Outdoor Solutions in Houston and its benefits far outreach that of spray-on or stamped concrete. In Houston, there is nothing else like it. It looks just like real stone thanks to the inclusion of natural quarried limestone. It is also more durable than concrete because it has a 5800 PSI rating. Stamped concrete, for example, has an approximate 3500 PSI rating. Some of our customers that have Carvestone have had it for more than a decade and it still looks great with no end in sight. This kind of durability can hold up to Houston’s erratic weather as well as any kind of vehicle you want to park on the driveway, furniture you want to place on your patio or anything related to your pool deck. Carvestone is capable of making them all look a million times better than they were before.

Also, there are no messy tear outs when you use Carvestone. For instance, if you were to use a cheaper method such as stamped concrete, the coating process will involve tearing up old surfaces, lots of construction and adjusting your normal activities. With Carvestone, our expert installers will complete the project with detailed work by hand. They do not use stencils or spray guns, just good old fashioned handiwork. Each job is hand-troweled, hand-textured and hand-carved. Allied Outdoor Solutions will prepare a custom sample board before the concrete overlay project is designed. This way, the customer can sign off on the colors and patterns they choose. A person’s home is their castle and everything in it should look the way they want it, including the concrete coating.

If you happen to have pea gravel, brick or pool coping, Carvestone can cover those as well. The only things it cannot cover are wood, pavers and concrete that is such bad condition that nothing can help it. However, we can pour or repair concrete before applying Carvestone.

Carvestone has been endorsed by some of Houston’s most trusted professionals. Randy Lemmon of KTRH’s “Gardenline” said Carvestone “is the perfect solution for resurfacing pool decks, driveways and patios.” Debra Duncan on “Great Day Houston” said Carvestone “is less expensive yet it still adds value to your home.”

If you need concrete coating, pool deck resurfacing or just want decorative concrete in Houston, call us at call 1-800-GO-STONE or email

Be the Envy of the Entire Neighborhood by Choosing Carvestone Concrete Coating

There’s no question that your home’s outdoor spaces could use a bit of an upgrade. But which resurfacing solution will allow you to enjoy absolutely gorgeous and long-lasting outdoor spaces at a price that won’t cost an arm and a leg? There is only one solution that qualifies and that solution is Carvestone Concrete coating provided by Allied Outdoor Solutions.

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