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Outdoor Fire Features Design & Build in Dallas, Texas


Custom built fire features in Dallas

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Life in Dallas moves fast and we’re constantly left searching for a way to slow things down. We turn to Netflix or Facebook in an attempt to escape everyday life but, as Texans, they don’t quite satisfy our needs. What we need is to gather together outdoors, enjoying the glow of a firepit or fireplace under the star-filled sky. So grab a blanket, a glass of red wine, and head outside. Whether it’s fresh pie from a custom pizza oven or just the two of you staring into the fire, a fire-filled night brings endless possibilities to your backyard.

Our Build Process

1. Design

Stone or brick, geometric or round, wood or gas…..we’re here to create a fire feature specifically crafted for you.

2. Prepare

HOA approvals, necessary permitting, placement and orientation are all considered before we ever break ground.

3. Build

Once our construction planning is complete, we’ll build your new feature brick by brick and stone by stone until it’s ready to use.

4. Live

We firmly believe in starting with the end in mind and delivering an outdoor space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's better between a gas fireplace or a wood fireplace?
We like to tell our clients to think of it like cooking. Both are great depending on your own preferences and the time you have available. In most cases you can create either but drainage and plumbing can sometimes limit your options.
Is there anything that makes starting a fire simpler?
We have electronic ignition kits that can help expedite the process and we also offer products that connect to your smart phone and allow you to control the entire experience from the palm of your hand.
Do I need a permit for my fire feature?
It depends. Many cities, in and around the Greater Dallas area, don’t require a permit for a wood burning feature. That said, most do require a permit if any plumbing is required for a gas powered feature.
Can I reuse the ventilation from my existing interior fireplace to create an inside-out, see through feature?
Only if you don’t mind the neighbor kids having access to your home.
Can a fire feature be built into my outdoor kitchen?
You bet.