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Soak Up Some Natural Beauty with a Rustic Outdoor Living Area

Soak Up Some Natural Beauty with a Rustic Outdoor Living Area


If you have a patio, it can be really pleasant to spend your evenings there, on a chair or a swing, sipping a glass of iced tea and reading a book. But in order to create this type of outdoor living area, you have to design it the right way. In addition to growing plants and flowers in your backyard, you have to cover it, furnish it and light it in a way that will encourage you and your family to kick back and relax.


Some people cut down the trees in their garden in order to create an expanse of grass. But instead of doing this, you can get your tree trimmed and use it as part of your gardening design. If you don’t have the shade of a fully-grown tree, you can create a shady area with a patio cover and place your furniture there. This will be a great way to look out on the rest of the backyard and enjoy the greenery.

A patio cover can provide shade for a table and two chairs if you think you might want to eat out in the garden sometimes, with your significant other. Or if you think that you might want to sit outdoors and read a book, then you can hang a swing from the patio cover and enjoy the breeze on your face while you read. You can also create a little nook with a loveseat and a coffee table; it’s romantic and comfortable at the same time.


Consider building a path in your garden. It should not be a straight path but a winding one which has a rustic, natural feel. And if this path leads through the seating you have set up under the tree or under a patio cover, then that will encourage you to spend more time there, soaking in the feeling of being in the midst of nature. You can also have your path going through a pergola which has an old-world charm; you’ll feel like you stepped right out of a Jane Austen novel.


Little fairy lights can also give your garden a beautiful, magical look. You can line your garden path with lights or place a couple of candles on the table under your tree. Make sure you get a candleholder though because an open flame is likely to get blown out with a gust of wind. A fire pit is also a great way of lighting up your backyard; it creates that carefree feeling you have when you make a bonfire. It can be romantic and fun.

Contact us for more great tips to set up an outdoor living area which will encourage you to spend more time outdoors.


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Five Interesting Facts About Patios

Five Interesting Facts About Patios


Patios have become increasingly popular across America. Almost three out of five new houses have them. Common accessories include fire pits, barbecue grills and Adirondack chairs. To learn more about this appealing outdoor living trend, check out these facts:

1. Some of the most common surface materials include flagstone, brick, concrete, cobblestone and terracotta. The most suitable choice differs depending on the local climate and personal preferences. Many patios are rectangular or square, but circular designs and other shapes are also possible.

2. A patio can be covered with a pergola. This is a wooden grid supported by columns. Some owners grow vines over their pergolas; desirable species include wisteria and Virginia creeper. Other individuals choose to install fiberglass panels on the top.

3. The first patios existed in Spain and were based on a Roman creation known as the atrium. They were incorporated into the designs of some palaces and cathedrals in the 1400s. Spanish colonists eventually introduced patios to the western hemisphere by building them in South America.

4. During the 1950s, this outdoor living area rapidly gained popularity in the United States. Many people also bought barbecue grills and weather-resistant furnishings. Metal and plastic outdoor chairs became available, making it easier to use furniture outside without extensive maintenance work.

5. Today’s patios continue to provide many benefits. They raise the resale values of homes. Their hard, quick-drying surfaces deter pest insects and help extend the life of outdoor furnishings. The flame-resistant materials are easy to clean and demand much less upkeep than wooden decks or porches.

If you yearn to spend more time outdoors and enjoy barbecues, parties or relaxation on a patio, we can help. Our patio contractors in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Ft Worth Texas know how to construct safe, long-lasting outdoor living areas with attractive designs. Please contact us for a quote or further information.



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Why You Should Invest In A Patio Cover

Why You Should Invest In A Patio Cover


Your gorgeous patio is now finished and you love every square inch of it. However, now you have the great debate of whether or not you should have a patio cover installed. The answer to this question is a resounding yes! There are so many awesome benefits that come along with investing in a patio cover and three of them will be discussed here.

Preserves Your Patio

The cost to install your patio was not cheap and it is something that you’d like to keep around for a long time. Repairs to your patio can be costly, and one big reason why you may need repairs is because your patio is constantly being exposed to the elements. A great way to slow down this weathering and deterioration process is to install a patio cover. This patio cover blocks your patio from a lot of the elements that it would otherwise come in contact with regularly, such as rain, snow, sun exposure, etc. This alone can save you a great deal of money in the long run and makes a patio cover an excellent investment.

You Get More Out Of Your Space

When you choose to install a patio cover to go over your patio, you are going to get a lot more out of your space. This is due to the fact that you can use the patio in different weather conditions that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to comfortably. It also makes it much more enjoyable and relaxing to cook, eat, and otherwise entertain outside because of the extra protection it offers.

Increases The Value Of Your Home 

When you invest in a patio cover, you are increasing the overall value of your home. Your patio and patio cover are seen as extended living space, which will help your home to appraise for more. Also, if you did want to sell your home at some point, potential buyers will likely be more interested in your home if you have a gorgeous patio and protective patio cover.

To learn more about why you should invest in a patio cover, visit us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions.



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3 Ways a Pool Deck Overlay Sells Your House Better Than a New Deck

3 Ways a Pool Deck Overlay Sells Your House Better Than a New Deck


The housing market in Texas keeps growing in demand. If you’ve been thinking about relocating or downsizing, now is the perfect time to sell. Find a few key features on your property that you can update to make your house even more appealing to homebuyers. Your pool is one of the features that can give you the best increase in purchase price, especially if it’s outdated but structurally sound.

People fall in love with the look of a house, so update the pool deck to give your whole yard a more modern feel.  Here are three reasons why an overlay works better than replacing the whole deck:

1. Less of your yard’s landscaping will need to be repaired.

Ripping out an entire pool deck requires a lot of tools and demolition. Even when contractors know the best ways to minimize disruption, part of your yard will still be out of commission. Landscaping is expensive to replace, especially if you want it to fit in with the rest of your yard.

But when you choose a pool deck overlay, very little of your yard is disturbed. That means you don’t have to factor landscaping into the total cost or worry about your house losing curb appeal.

2. You have a wide range of possible styles.

Pool deck overlays let you choose between different colors, patterns, and textures. Your new deck can look like anything from natural stones to tile. Pick a style that flows into your home’s design and patio for a huge boost in appeal.

3. You can get a better rate of return.

When you’re updating your house to get a better selling price, you don’t want to spend too much. Expensive renovations can cost far more than they increase your home’s value. If you’re putting your home on the market soon, pick cosmetic changes and the most impactful projects so you get the most possible profit.

Go to Allied Outdoor Solutions to browse our pool deck gallery and get started.


Don’t Regret Hosting Your Next Outdoor Get-Together

Don’t Regret Hosting Your Next Outdoor Get-Together


You’re hosting an outdoor party. The guests are starting to arrive, and you already have kids playing in the backyard pool. That means the first hour of your party is split into a tag-team effort of opening the door for staggered arrivals, keeping an eye on the swimmers, and trying to keep the food in order. At first, it seems like barbecuing should have made everything easier to organize in the moment. If you’re cooking in the backyard where are the activity is, after all, you won’t miss out on anything. Right?

But that’s never the case. You’re going to be running back inside for more ice or bell peppers. Someone’s going to ring the doorbell forty-five minutes in, even though the gate is wide open. Everything feels scattered and rushed. Even worse, everyone’s mingling around the pool where there’s more room to chat. You’re missing out on all the conversations, after all.

This is where an outdoor kitchen steps in.

Outdoor kitchens are more than a stove and a refrigerator that are designed to last outside. An outdoor kitchen is a well-designed, open space that encourages people to sit around the bar counter and to chat with you as you cook. It brings the party back onto your patio so hosting doesn’t turn into such a solitary job.

Outdoor living spaces also give you the functional storage you need so you’re not running back and forth from the house. You can store all your produce and meat in the outdoor refrigerator so the conversation doesn’t even have to pause as you pull it out. Sealed and protected storage space also lets you keep plenty of cups, silverware, and platters ready and waiting.

Even better, an outdoor living space makes you want to host a party again. Go to Allied Outdoor Solutions to see our gallery of outdoor kitchens and find the design that’s right for you.


3 Ways Concrete Overlays Make Your Backyard More Cohesive

3 Ways Concrete Overlays Make Your Backyard More Cohesive


Pool deck and patio fashions change over time. But having matching improvements and features never goes out of style. If you have recently updated your pool deck to give it a more modern style, it might no longer match your patio. If you’ve recently expanded your patio or added a new concrete path in your yard, those new features might also not match the preexisting concrete. Give your whole backyard a consistent update with a concrete overlay. Here are three more reasons to do it:

1. Concrete overlays protect concrete.

Bare concrete is vulnerable to a lot of damage. Mud, rust, and microscopic plants can stain the surface, and deep-set stains don’t always come out. Untreated concrete can also start to crumble in the corners and develop scratches from heavy outdoor furniture.

A concrete overlay shields the underlying concrete from damage. Its surface is also designed to repel physical damage, chemical etching, and stains.

2. Cohesive features look more well-planned.

Your backyard doesn’t have to be completely restyled every time you make a change to it. But making all the features hold the same design elements makes your whole yard feel more cohesive. If you’ve recently added square footage to your patio, you don’t have to wait years for the concrete to gain the same coloring as the older slabs.

Add an overlay that gives all of the surfaces the exact same look and feel. This also helps smooth out the style if the original patio was laid several years ago.

3. You can update your backyard without massive construction.

Construction is loud and messy. If you want to update your yard but you don’t want the headache, an overlay is the right solution. If you preexisting surfaces are structurally stable, our trained experts can apply a strong, beautiful surface on top. Not only is there less mess to clean up, you get to enjoy your new backyard sooner.

Browse our gallery if you want to start finding the right design for your backyard’s concrete surfaces.


Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Concrete Overlay

Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Concrete Overlay


Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular in Texas. While the winters can still get a bit chilly, your backyard is a great place for parties and family dinners all year round. Whether you have a barbecue and an outdoor dining table or your outdoor kitchen has a full array of appliances and tools, don’t forget to give your kitchen the right floor. Here’s why a concrete overlay can help pull your kitchen together:

Make your outdoor kitchen a breeze to clean.

The last thing you want is an outdoor kitchen that gives you problems when the party is over. Cleanup can already be an arduous task, especially if you have a large gathering. If your outdoor kitchen has a bare concrete floor, that makes keeping it clean even harder.

Concrete absorbs stains quickly, especially from liquids, grease, and charcoal. Whether you do a lot of barbecuing in the same spot or someone drops a pitcher full of brightly colored juice, your concrete floor will hold onto those stains until the next pressure washing.

When you finish your outdoor kitchen with a concrete overlay, you make your outdoor kitchen a lot easier to maintain. You can pick a dark tiled pattern that doesn’t show stains. You can also pick a texture that doesn’t shred your mop or grab onto small bits of food. Even better, your overlay gets sealed with a protective coating that repels stains and soot. Then all you have to do is wipe up the stain instead of scrub the floor.

Concrete overlays give your outdoor kitchen the style you’re looking for. They also keep your kitchen easy to use and even easier to clean. Go to Allied Outdoor Solutions here to schedule an appointment or browse our gallery. We can help you build or renovate your outdoor kitchen so it’s the perfect place for a meal all year long.



3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your New Outdoor Living Area

3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your New Outdoor Living Area


If you’re transforming your backyard into the perfect outdoor living area for your family, don’t complete construction piece by piece. Instead, design the space to have all the elements you’re looking for so you can start relaxing in the backyard during all four seasons. One of the most important elements that’s often forgotten about is a patio cover. Here are three reasons to incorporate this shady cover into your outdoor living space design as soon as possible:

1. Many patio covers require permits.

If your patio cover is a permanent structure, it probably needs a permit before construction. Every city and county has its own rules about what can be built in your backyard, and those rules change depending on other nearby constructions. Talk to your designer about the right patio cover immediately so you can get the design you want without worrying about complications.

2. Make sure the total design is appealing.

While it’s never too late to add a new element to your outdoor living space, sometimes the overall design looks better when the planning is done at the beginning. If you start considering patio cover designs quickly, the cover will be better integrated. The beams can be built into the patio for better structural support. The cover can be connected to your roof so there aren’t gaps. Even the design aesthetic and wood color integrate better when the planning is cohesive.

3. Keep your outdoor living space comfortable all year round.

A patio cover isn’t just a summer addition. You can have a patio cover that keeps your patio shady during the summer and shielded from the wind in the summer. Pergolas and solid patio covers can also hold fans and electrical extensions for space heaters.

Go to Allied Outdoor Solutions here to schedule an appointment and start protecting your outdoor living space from the elements.





What is Carvestone Concrete Overlay?

Carvestone is the market’s premier concrete overlay product. Its composition is uniquely created for Allied Outdoor Solutions and perfectly suited for our markets in both Texas and Arizona. It is composed of a specialized mixture of materials including limestone and quartz. While the mixture of aggregates and chemistry of the material is extremely important for the life of your project, it is our installation process that sets us apart. We hand-trowel, hand-carve and hand-color the entire surface. Each project is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each client we work with. Whether the work is done on a sidewalk, patio, driveway or pool deck, our Carvestone product will be installed for function and created for luxury. Our experienced oversight will help you select the right blend of color and texture so that it won’t burn your feet in the summer or become too slippery when wet. Don’t forget, our Carvestone overlay system comes complete with a 7-year warranty!   Contact us today.


Carvestone Concrete Overlay in Houston Texas Carvestone Patio - Patio Contractor in Houston Texas


Why Pool Deck Resurfacing is Probably Your Best Option

Why Pool Deck Resurfacing is Probably Your Best Option


If you think that you might need pool deck resurfacing, then you’re probably right. An old, worn out, or faded pool desk is definitely not pleasant to look at, and tearing it down altogether is rather expensive. Your best bet is to just have it resurfaced to easily and affordably bring it back to its original glory. Take a look at why pool deck resurfacing is probably your best option.


A simple resurfacing of your pool deck is sometimes all it takes to significantly increase the value of your home and your property. You’ll know it’s time to do it when your pool deck really starts to show its age. And even if it’s still in pretty good shape, you may need to have it resurfaced in order to keep up with the changing times and styles. It’s the perfect way to revitalize your pool area and really get the most out of it.


Sometimes falls are just inevitable, but if you’re noticing that you or your kids are taking quite a few spills, the problem may very well be due to the surface of your pool deck. Having it resurfaced can completely change the texture of it, thus making it safer for everybody.

More Durable

You can’t control the weather, but you can do what you need to do in order to protect your pool deck from it. A simple coating on top of your resurfaced concrete will effectively seal your deck and protect it from the elements. This will also prevent unnecessary maintenance and damage from occurring.

Contact us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions to learn more about pool deck resurfacing and what it can do for you and your home.



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