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Soak Up Some Natural Beauty with a Rustic Outdoor Living Area

Soak Up Some Natural Beauty with a Rustic Outdoor Living Area


If you have a patio, it can be really pleasant to spend your evenings there, on a chair or a swing, sipping a glass of iced tea and reading a book. But in order to create this type of outdoor living area, you have to design it the right way. In addition to growing plants and flowers in your backyard, you have to cover it, furnish it and light it in a way that will encourage you and your family to kick back and relax.


Some people cut down the trees in their garden in order to create an expanse of grass. But instead of doing this, you can get your tree trimmed and use it as part of your gardening design. If you don’t have the shade of a fully-grown tree, you can create a shady area with a patio cover and place your furniture there. This will be a great way to look out on the rest of the backyard and enjoy the greenery.

A patio cover can provide shade for a table and two chairs if you think you might want to eat out in the garden sometimes, with your significant other. Or if you think that you might want to sit outdoors and read a book, then you can hang a swing from the patio cover and enjoy the breeze on your face while you read. You can also create a little nook with a loveseat and a coffee table; it’s romantic and comfortable at the same time.


Consider building a path in your garden. It should not be a straight path but a winding one which has a rustic, natural feel. And if this path leads through the seating you have set up under the tree or under a patio cover, then that will encourage you to spend more time there, soaking in the feeling of being in the midst of nature. You can also have your path going through a pergola which has an old-world charm; you’ll feel like you stepped right out of a Jane Austen novel.


Little fairy lights can also give your garden a beautiful, magical look. You can line your garden path with lights or place a couple of candles on the table under your tree. Make sure you get a candleholder though because an open flame is likely to get blown out with a gust of wind. A fire pit is also a great way of lighting up your backyard; it creates that carefree feeling you have when you make a bonfire. It can be romantic and fun.

Contact us for more great tips to set up an outdoor living area which will encourage you to spend more time outdoors.


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Schedule a Pool Deck Overlay in Winter to Have it Ready to Enjoy in the Spring

Schedule a Pool Deck Overlay in Winter to Have it Ready to Enjoy in the Spring

With Texas temperatures, it is easy to spend most of spring and summer in the pool. Unfortunately, this might not be the best option when your pool deck is showing its age. Instead of letting the deck continue to deteriorate another year, you should invest in a pool deck overlay to improve the entire area. Ideally, you should get professional assistance during winter to have the pool ready for spring.

Get the Work Done in the Off-season

Although you could certainly spend some time in the pool throughout wintertime, the outside temperature is not always ideal, especially at nighttime. However, spring and summer are the best seasons for pool time, so you should make it a top priority to get the work done in the off-season.

Enjoy Flexible Scheduling

When you make plans to handle the work during winter, you do not have to worry about tight scheduling as professionals will have more time on their hands compared to other seasons. If you want to take care of the project on weekdays, weekends, or when you are on vacation, you can do so with ease.

Avoid the Heavy Rain

It is spring and summer in which Texas receives the most rain, which can lead to postponed projects. However, winter is the season that receives the least amount of rain, so you get to enjoy fewer delays.

If you want to have your pool ready to go as soon as spring arrives, you should at least start making plans for your pool deck overlay. Contact us if you want to learn more about our professional services.


Pool Deck in Houston, Dallas, and Austin

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Outdoor Living

“I saw a backyard in Houston that looked like the Palace of Versailles, and the entire place was done by Allied Outdoor Solutions.”
– Michael Berry, News Radio 740

Our Process

Because outdoor living projects can go so many directions, there is no single route for arriving at the backyard you want. The first step in our free estimating process, however, is for one of our project consultants to meet you at your house. Our goal for this initial visit is to understand your vision for your backyard, and that vision can be almost limitless. Our project consultants go through rigorous training to assist you no matter the direction you choose to go, and they bring an iPad filled with pictures of completed projects in case you need a few ideas. From that point, some projects are simple and require very few decisions up front; some require several meetings, rendered drawings, and hours of preparation before a quote can even be given. Regardless, Allied handles the project from cradle to grave: whether it’s HOA, permitting, or helping with specific design aspects, you can count on Allied’s experience to complete the process and build the backyard you’ve always wanted. Our goal throughout the process, no matter the size, is to make sure you see your dream become a reality.


Allied Outdoor Solutions - Build Your Dream Outdoor Living Area

The Outdoor Living division at Allied Outdoor Solutions completes a wide variety of projects: we custom build patio covers, pergolas, summer kitchens, fire features, water features and anything else that can be dreamt up. We can custom-build anything with any finish necessary to ensure the new project complements the already unique features of your home. Your project could be tied in to the house or freestanding; it could incorporate stucco, natural stone, ledgestone, travertine, granite, or Silestone; your floors could be an overlay, pavers, concrete, or wood decking; and the structure itself could be built with cedar, aluminum, treated lumber or hardi- products. Given our wide-range of expertise and resources, rest assured we can work with you each step of the way to build your personal tastes into each layer of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to get you pricing at the completion of the initial visit. Due to the complexity of certain projects, though, it can sometimes take a few days to get you accurate pricing. Typically, pricing and drawings (if necessary) will be back to you within a week.

That is a difficult question to answer. Some of our projects can be completed within a week of the start date but that is not the norm. Most of our projects can be completed within a few weeks but it can take longer than that as well. Things like inspections, permitting, HOA, scheduling delays and design changes can slow us down during the project. Quite frankly, while respecting your time and property, we’d rather take a little longer and get it right. Rest assured, you will be given a projected timeline and then communicated thoroughly the whole way through.

We have a variety of ways that this can happen. Often times, homeowners are able to select materials used on the job from our iPads but sometimes more is required. We will meet you at a stone yard, deliver samples to your house or whatever else is necessary for you to make your decisions.

Yes. We maintain general liability insurance to make sure you are covered. We handle the gathering of all required permitting, scheduling of any inspections and the entire HOA application process as well. Our goal is to make this a much simpler process than you anticipate.

It’s understandable to feel some reservations when a project ties in to your home. But that’s why you chose Allied: first, you know we’ve already done the work to find contractors who will correctly handle the difficult, technical sides of your construction project; second, you know we honor our workmanship warranty. In other words, we don’t anticipate a leak; but if there is one, we’re the company you want addressing that situation, too.  

Every outdoor living project we complete comes with a one year workmanship warranty, which is a guarantee that the installation will meet our internal standards. In some cases, product lines may come with an additional manufacturer’s warranty, which warrants against defects in the materials themselves. These manufacturer’s warranties vary in length, and can be discussed with your consultant.

We can use anything from Viking to Wolf to RCS but we prefer to use Coyote. We feel that they provide the best value, a great look and a dependable product.

Absolutely. We have several “standard” packages available and we can also construct a custom landscape design for your space. We offer a great variety of different plants and trees specifically suited to fit the needs of our customers in both Texas and in Arizona. As a design/build firm, we will not only provide the plants but will also provide the installation of your gardening elements.