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Wooden Patio Cover Design & Build

From the piers being poured to the final nail, we’ll only accept the highest quality craftsmanship.

What is a Wooden Patio Cover?

Not only providing a charming and rustic aesthetic, a wooden patio cover also seamlessly blends with nature with its earthy tones and organic texture.

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A wooden patio cover is a similarly framed extension of the home. It’s versatile and can be crafted to achieve nearly any desired look and durable enough to stand the test of time. More than beauty or durability, a wooden patio cover will change the way you live in your own backyard.

Differences between wooden patio covers and alternatives

Unlike a product manufactured in a warehouse, a wooden patio cover can be stained or painted to complement any existing element.
A wooden patio cover has universal appeal. Its appearance is solid and classic, and the utility provided is not up for debate.
Built to stand the test of time, it’s also not a “fad” product and will remain a natural extension for the life of the home.
We have one goal: to craft our structures in a way that appears as if they were built at the same time as the rest of the home.

Wooden Patio Cover Design Options

Raw Cedar

A cedar patio cover provides a natural, rustic look that adds an eye-catching element to any space. Instead of being built with cedar posts and beams, we offer to build them out of treated lumber and then wrap them in cedar. This allows for the trim to be replaced in time rather than needing to replace the entire structure.

Hardie Wrapped

Many of us have Hardie siding on our homes and don’t want to introduce an element on the patio cover that could compete. Fortunately, we’re able to trim our patio covers with a Hardie siding that can be painted to match your existing siding. This is the longest-lasting, lowest maintenance option we offer.

Brick and Stone

Whether wrapping in brick or stone, adding a decorative element to the posts of your cover can significantly change the look of your space. We can use brick or stone to wrap a portion of the post (pedestal) or the entire post. Either way we can find a new material that brings the entire space together.

Wooden Patio Cover Installation

1. Surface Prep

We’ll dig piers and sink our posts in the ground so we have a stable surface to build on.

2. Tailoring

Each design option will be thought through so that the entire space works as a cohesive unit.

3. Crafting

Whether trimming, painting, pointing or cleaning, we’ll address each step to build your perfect space.

4. Walkthrough

After the build, we’ll walk the project with you and ensure it meets our own high standards.

Wooden Patio Cover Costs

A wooden patio cover is a large investment. It’s built into the home, framed as a home, and requires trim carpentry or finish masonry in order to complete. With all of the detail work and the city-specific requirements, it’s not possible to provide a standard pricer per square foot without seeing the space. That said, let’s set an onsite meeting and we’ll provide a comprehensive estimate at that time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain an outdoor patio?

Beyond things like changing out light bulbs or replacing a fan, a garden hose will largely suffice.

How do you clean the top of a wooden patio cover?

The same way you’d clean your roof.

Can my wooden patio cover be covered with a tarp?

Technically, yes but we wouldn’t recommend that as a permanent solution.