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Pool House & Backyard Cabana Design & Build

We’ll begin by listening so that we arrive at a design that changes the way you live.

Why Build a Pool House or Cabana?

Constructing a pool house elevates your lifestyle, offering a welcoming retreat that encourages extended outdoor enjoyment with loved ones by providing a comfortable and functional space for relaxation and socializing.

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A pool house - or backyard cabana - is a structure built completely detached from the main home. Creating a backyard cabana or pool house can change the utility of the entire backyard. It creates an area to relax and cool off without needing to head back inside. Instead, it allows for a cohesive space where you can spend an entire day, rather than just an hour or two.

Benefits of Pool Houses and Backyard Cabanas

A pool house creates a temperature controlled room for you to spend the afternoon hours.
The worst part of having company is the mess they leave behind. What if that were in a different space.
The ability to slow down is something we’re all chasing. Time moves slower when we’re outside and away from technology.
Whether it’s created for a hobby or an office, it’s an entirely new space away from the rest of the chaos.

Pool House & Cabana Design Options

She Shed

A “She Shed” or “He Shed” provides a space for you. Not you in the collective sense but you as an individual. It’s a retreat designed uniquely for you.

Texas Pool House

We all know the Texas heat is unrelenting and endless. It’s also a great excuse to hop in the pool. Getting outside and creating a space for you to dine and spend time when you’re not in the pool can change the entire summer.

Steel Cabana

A cabana doesn’t have to be a small, custom home. It can instead by a minimalist structure that provides the necessary shade and utility but still fits the simpler design vibe you’re attempting to cultivate in your backyard.

Pool House and Backyard Cabana Installation

1. Surface Prep

You can take the world's greatest design and top quality materials but it still requires a solid foundation to be constructed first.

2. Tailoring

A pool house or cabana needs to elevate your lifestyle and create an entirely new space where you can entertain.

3. Crafting

The finishes on a cabana can range anywhere from steel to drywall and wood flooring. Regardless, we’ll build it right.

4. Walkthrough

After the final nail has been driven, we’ll celebrate, deliver your custom cabana, and appreciate the transformation together.

Pool House and Backyard Cabana Costs

A pool house or cabana is a luxury and certainly isn’t a need. It’s also not cheap but it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are so many alternative means to construct this space and we’re here to discuss them all. Let’s sit down and build the perfect space for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a pool house and a cabana?

A pool house is generally closed whereas a cabana is an open air structure.

How much value does a pool house add to my home?

You’ll read answers that are all over the map. What we know for certain is it will add value and may well be what sells the house for you.

How much space do I need for a pool house?

We’ve built them as small as 12x10.

How much does it cost to build a cabana?

There is too large of a variance to provide a square foot price. What we can provide is a free comprehensive onsite estimate.