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Open Top & Louvered Patio Cover Design & Build

Creating shade and changing outdoor life is a way of life for us.

What is an Open Top & Louvered Patio Cover?

A structure characterized by its roof that has adjustable slats or louvers, allowing control over sunlight and ventilation in the covered outdoor area.

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An open top patio cover - often referred to as a pergola - can offer shade and high-design at a lower price point than a traditional patio cover. A louvered structure can offer the best of both worlds as it can allow a pergola to close with the push of a button. Choosing an open-top patio cover in Texas allows for an ideal blend of outdoor and indoor living, providing shade while still allowing plenty of natural light and airflow.

Benefits of Open Top & Louvered Patio Covers

When compared with a traditional patio cover, an open top pergola is a much smaller investment.
Because it can open and close mechanically, a louvered patio cover has utility in any weather.
With partial shade or complete shading available, you can get outside during the summer in Texas.
Whether cedar, aluminum or steel, it will add stunning appeal to your backyard space.

Open Top & Louvered Patio Cover Design Options

Louvered Cover

One of the coolest technological advancements over the last few years, a louvered patio cover allows the beauty of a pergola and the functionality of a patio cover. Having the versatility for either allows you to enjoy your space no matter the weather.

Aluminum Pergola

Lightweight and durable, an aluminum pergola creates a low-maintenance, long-lasting, and eye-catching structure for your patio. It’s also manufactured in a large variety of colors meaning that you’re sure to find the right option to complement your space.

Cedar Pergola

The strong, natural look of a raw cedar pergola just feels like Texas. The wood can be treated and stained so that it can create almost any vibe necessary. Whether a heavy beam, 2-tier or 3-tier selection is made, the right pergola exists for your unique backyard design.

Open Top & Louvered Patio Cover Installation

1. Surface Prep

With the exception of a surface mount, our open top patio covers begin with ~ 2’x2’x2’ concrete piers.

2. Tailoring

Each structure is purpose built to fit seamlessly into the space that your backyard allows it to fill.

3. Crafting

From end cuts to headers and slats to fan beams, we’ll cut and craft until it’s right.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll sit beneath the shade of your new structure as we hand over the keys to your new space.

Open Top & Louvered Patio Cover Costs

An open top patio cover can be a cost effective method for creating shade in your backyard. While still not a small investment, some amount of shade is simply necessary to stay out of the Texas heat. As you move towards a louvered structure, the investment grows but so does the utility. We’d love to come out to discuss your options and provide you with a free, comprehensive quote for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do louvered patio covers last?

It depends on the material selected. An aluminum structure is built to last for decades. A cedar structure will age similarly to your fence.

Are louvered patio covers worth the money?

It depends on the goal you have for your structure but, generally speaking, yes. They’re beautiful.

How do you clean louvered patio covers?

We recommend a garden hose.