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Motorized Screen Porch Design & Build

Choose a tech-forward way to make certain your patio is useful all year.

What is a Motorized Screen Porch?

Providing an enclosed outdoor living space, motorized screens allow for a covered and shaded space, all controlled by the press of a button.

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A versatile and technologically advanced addition to modern homes, motorized screens offer protection from the sun, rain, and bugs. This innovative enclosure, equipped with retractable screens controlled by an electric motor, enhances outdoor living by allowing easy adjustments to ventilation and sunlight. Screened-in porches provide climate control for year-round enjoyment, making them ideal for outdoor dining or simply appreciating the outdoors in a comfortable space.

Benefits of Motorized Screens

Additional Shade
Providing the convenience of adjustable shade.
Protection from Insects
A pest-free environment for relaxing and dining outdoors.
Enhanced Outdoor Comfort
The regulation of airflow and temperature creates a more pleasant environment.
Remote Controlled
Convenience of adjusting screens at the touch of a button.

Varieties of Screening Options We Provide

Opened Motorized Screens

On the best of days, a motorized screen can remain open and you won’t even know they exist. They also come with an automated setting that forces them open during a heavy storm.

Closed Motorized Screens

With the touch of a button, you can close up your patio. In fact, they can come with a rain sensor which forces them closed or open depending on what you’d prefer.


A much cheaper, less durable option, curtains can help protect you from the sun but won’t keep out the bugs. They also will need to be replaced as the material will deteriorate in time.

Screened in Porch

A more permanent fixture that doesn’t have quite the versatility, a screened in porch can provide you coverage from all of the elements. It feels more like a part of the home and less like an outdoor space.

Aluminum Screened in Porch

A more cost effective way to screen in an outdoor patio is to utilize aluminum for the kick plate. This reduces framing and materials cost while still providing your desired protection.

Aluminum Privacy Wall

Depending on your reasoning for the screen, a slatted privacy wall can provide some of the benefits with a more design-forward look. It can be completed with wood or aluminum.

Motorized Screen Porch Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

The framing is completed in such a way that the screens can easily move up and down without disruption.

2. Tailoring

Each patio is different and sometimes we need to get creative in order to utilize a motorized screening system.

3. Crafting

Because straight lines are required, there is often some level of craftsmanship required in order to fit them in.

4. Walkthrough

Once installed, we’ll hand you the remote and talk through all of the different settings which you can control.

Motorized Screen Porches Costs

A motorized screen system is a large investment. It’s durable, versatile, and difficult to install. It also has many site-specific features that will need to be addressed before a price can be given. We’ll walk through the project with you and provide a comprehensive estimate at our initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are retractable screens for patios worth it?

It’s an eye of the beholder thing but anything that adds to the time and enjoyment outdoors is of high value to us.

How wide can motorized screens be?

It depends on the manufacturer, but upwards of 24’.

How long do motorized screens last?

Both the screens and the motor will wear outdoors but both can be repaired. They’re also both constructed specifically for longevity in the elements.

Do motorized screens keep the bugs out?

Many of them, yes. They touch the floor so anytime they are closed, it makes it far more difficult for a bug to enter.

How much does it cost to install a screen door?

Generally it’s less than $1,000 to add a screen door to a motorized screen system.