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Custom Gabled Roof Patio Cover Design & Build

Simply put, we want to create a space that draws you out to the patio.

What is a Gabled Roof Patio Cover?

A gable style roof generally vaults the ceiling and creates a far more open space. This open space can take a smaller patio and make it seem much, much larger.

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Adding a gable-style patio cover to your backyard in Texas can be a smart choice for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The gable design not only enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space with its classic look but also provides shade against the intense Texas sun. The steeply pitched roof of a gable-style cover promotes better rain runoff, making it an ideal choice for protecting outdoor furniture and creating a comfortable, sheltered area for relaxation and entertainment in the Texan climate.

Benefits of Gabled Rooflines vs Other Options

A gabled roof creates a dramatic patio cover that opens your patio up to the outdoors.
While the sunlight is wonderful, a gabled patio cover allows far less shading than a hip roof would.
The openness of the gabled roof line will allow a driving rain to reach the patio where a flat roof line may not.
You can not attach gutters to the outside edge which means we’ll drive more water towards the valleys we’ll create.

Gabled Roof Patio Cover Design Options

Detached Gabled Roof

A detached gabled roof - or pavilion - creates a living room away from the existing patio. A separate living space can allow for more covered seating, a grilling station or a charming dining table.

Traditional Gabled Roof

A traditional cedar patio cover with a gabled roof feels open and inviting. It provides a space that your friends and family will gravitate towards and gather in.

Attached Gabled Roof

An attached gabled roof becomes an extension of the interior living space but, unlike most attached patio covers, the gable is important as it still allows sunshine to flood the home.

Gabled Roof Patio Cover Installation

1. Surface Prep

Digging and installing the posts in piers is the first step in building any secure structure.

2. Tailoring

Every roof line is different and requires careful thought as it relates to moving the water off of your roof.

3. Crafting

While the structure is important, we understand you’re also concerned with the finishes.

4. Walkthrough

Once your gabled structure is completed, we’ll all stand back and appreciate your new space.

Gabled Roof Patio Cover Costs

A gabled patio cover is similar in cost to a traditional patio cover. The roof line itself doesn’t change the price outside of the fact that you have more square footage to cover if a decorative ceiling is selected. While there are too many site-specific variables to provide something as simple as a square footage price without first seeing the space, we’ll gladly provide a free onsite estimate. In most cases, we’re able to do so during our initial visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do gable roof patio covers last?

The structure should last as long as the home. Any decorative trim or cedar utilized will need to be replaced in time.

Are gable roof patio covers worth the money?

When compared with the price paid for a traditional addition to the home, a gabled patio cover seems cost efficient. It adds living space and a completely different vibe.

How do you clean gable roof patio cover?

A garden hose or a pressure washer on a low setting should keep it clean.