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Custom Cedar Patio Cover Design & Build

Our approach with a cedar patio cover is to build a sound structure that feels native to Texas.

What is a Cedar Patio Cover?

Designed to provide shade and enhance the visual appeal of a patio or outdoor area, a cedar patio cover is crafted from wood, offering a natural and rustic appearance.

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Raw cedar is a beautiful material and can create a natural look that can’t be replicated with a treated material or man-made composite. That said, it’s not for everyone. It’s a high-maintenance, temperamental product and isn’t exactly a “set it and forget it” type of product.

Benefits of Cedar vs. Other Materials

It can be finished with endless varieties of stain but - no matter what - its imperfections are character and should be appreciated.
The rustic charm of cedar allows for it to be used anywhere from beam wraps to column trim to a cathedral ceiling.
Don’t like rough cedar? Flip it over. Cedar has a rough and a smooth side. Combine that with the way it accepts stains and you can land anywhere.
While most woods aren’t able to withstand the test of time outdoors, cedar is used because it’s longer-lasting than softer, less durable woods.

Cedar Patio Cover Design Options

Cedar Ceiling

Sure, you can use a painted hardie or outdoor-rated sheetrock for the ceiling of your patio cover but should you? A beautifully crafted cedar ceiling provides the custom finish to every structure.

Modern Cedar

Often thought of as one-dimensional, cedar is actually fairly versatile. When combined with metal elements - ties, roofing, etc. - it can immediately take on the form of a modern structure.

Rustic Cedar

Cedar is often used to create a traditional vibe and it’s more than capable of doing so. Its charm reminds of simpler times - with our favorite beverage - outdoors in the Texas Hill Country.

Cedar Patio Cover Installation

1. Surface Prep

A cedar structure starts with high-quality raw materials and a solid foundation to build off of.

2. Tailoring

Our experienced team of carpentry professionals are ready to customize your structure for living.

3. Crafting

Each backyard is different and the methods of construction are unique to each individual setting.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll finalize our paperwork under the shade of your beautiful, new cedar patio cover.

Cedar Patio Cover Costs

There’s no way around it. A cedar patio cover is a large investment. You could use lesser materials or choose instead to put up a pergola but the feel of a cedar patio cover cannot be replicated. There are many elements involved in a patio cover build that will impact the price of your new structure: engineering, electrical, size and design intricacies all contribute to the overall cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cedar patio cover cost?

There are many, many variables and we’ll be happy to provide a comprehensive estimate at our initial consultation.

How long do cedar patio covers last?

A cedar patio cover will wear down over time as it’s exposed to the elements. One remedy for this is to trim treated posts in cedar so you can replace the cedar accent rather than the entire structure.

Are cedar patio covers worth the money?

In our opinion, yes. They create a space for you to live outdoors that wouldn’t exist without the structure.

How do you clean cedar patio covers?

A garden hose should be sufficient for keeping things clean.