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Attached Patio Custom Design & Build

Our goal when building an attached patio cover is to make it appear as a natural extension of the home.

What is an attached patio cover?

As a structural extension connected to the side of a house, an attached patio cover is designed to provide shelter and protection from the elements, without ever having to venture through them to get there.

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When working with Allied Outdoor Solutions to build an attached patio cover, an Outdoor Life Designer will complete a thorough on-site consultation to assess your needs and preferences. During this time, our designer can walk you through the best options to ensure the patio cover not only complements your home's architecture but also provides a functional and stylish extension to the outdoor living space. With over 20,000 projects completed, rest assured you’re in good hands.

Benefits of an Attached Patio Cover

Stepping outside into a protected space may seem nice on a rainy evening but it can be just as critical during the daytime hours throughout the summer months.
An attached patio cover can be built to match the home or you can utilize steel, cedar, or accenting stone materials. It’s really a blank canvas that you get to paint.
Do you ever need some more elbow room? It creates an outdoor living room and essentially becomes an extension of the interior living and dining space.
Once it’s constructed, an attached patio cover becomes a permanent addition to your home. In fact, our framing crews also spend their days framing new homes.

Attached Patio Cover Design Options

Flat Ceiling Patio Cover

A flat ceiling allows a space to feel far more cozy and intimate. It doesn’t need to be a low ceiling, just one that mirrors the height of the soffit and fascia on the outside of the cover.

Gabled Patio Cover

Adding an open gable, “chickenfoot” or “starburst” can really open things up. It can take a small space and open things up. You’ll just want to consider the orientation of your yard to the sun before making this selection.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling

You have several options for ceilings: painted Hardie, outdoor rated sheetrock, and pine or cedar tongue and groove being the most common. A stained tongue and groove ceiling can be quite the statement.

Attached Patio Cover Installation

1. Surface Prep

We’ll carefully cut back into the existing roof on your home so we can create a new roof line that incorporates your current drainage plan.

2. Tailoring

Each home is different and requires independent thought. Our craftsman will work with your space to ensure all of the site-specific details have been considered.

3. Crafting

When constructing your patio cover, we’re often combining 5 or 6 different materials and will want to make sure each one is installed with the quality we expect.

4. Walkthrough

After we finish coordinating the 5-6 trade partners necessary for your structure, it’s complete and ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.

Attached Patio Cover Costs

As previously mentioned, no attached patio cover is exactly the same as another. At our onsite consultation we’ll provide a comprehensive bid that - in addition to the structure itself - will also include items such as: engineering, permitting, HOA submission, gutters, quality control, material logistics, etc. Maybe more important than any of those items, it will also include communication as we walk through the construction journey together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to replace an attached patio cover?

We would demolish the existing cover, clean up the area and begin construction as if it never existed.

How deep do footings need to be for an attached patio cover?

Our standard footing for a traditional structure is 24”x24”x24” of caged rebar.

How long do attached patio covers last?

A correctly constructed patio cover - with standard outdoor maintenance - should last as long as the home.

How do you maintain an attached patio cover?

Obviously, things like hornets nests, pollen and mold/mildew will need to be addressed but mostly with a garden hose.