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Aluminum Patio Covers & Pergolas

Enhance your outdoor space with a stylish and lightweight aluminum shade structure.

What is an Aluminum Patio Cover & Pergola?

A patio cover or pergola made with aluminum is a durable and lightweight outdoor structure, providing shade and a decorative element for outdoor spaces, often designed with lattice or slatted roof panels for partial shade and aesthetics.

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While intended to have the strength and durability of a wood-frame cover, aluminum framework requires less maintenance in the long run. Additionally, it is anticipated to prove more economical compared to conventional structures. In the realm where maintenance and long-term resilience take precedence, our aluminum options stand out as an ideal choice for many of our clients.

Benefits of Aluminum vs. Other Materials

Our aluminum patio covers and pergolas have a proprietary coloring process that allows the color to withstand the elements for decades.
Generally speaking, an aluminum pergola or patio cover is about half of the investment of a traditional wood-frame structure.
An Alumawood structure carries a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty whereas our traditional structure carries only a 2 year workmanship warranty.
An aluminum structure provides a modern style as opposed to the rustic nature of a traditional cedar structure.

Patio Cover Design Options


A louvered aluminum structure allows the best of both worlds. You’re able to keep it open when the weather warrants and then close it up and still enjoy the outdoors if it becomes inclement.

Standard Pergola

One of the downsides of a traditional aluminum patio cover is that the roof isn’t as open but there are other options. Just like its traditional counterpart, an aluminum structure can be created as a pergola.

Flat Pan

An aluminum patio cover with a flat pan provides a modern aesthetic at a heavy discount when compared with a traditional structure. It casts a beautiful ambiance and draws people outdoors.

Patio Cover Installation

1. Surface Prep

All materials are custom fabricated and then cut down to size once we begin the construction process.

2. Tailoring

The orientation of the structure in relation to the sun will be a significant conversation before breaking ground.

3. Crafting

Our experienced craftsmen will ensure that all site-specific details are considered and correctly handled.

4. Walkthrough

After completion, we’ll stand under your new structure and appreciate the new space we created together.

Aluminum Patio Cover & Pergola Costs

While all outdoor living projects are large investments, an aluminum patio cover or pergola can be a great way to add a shade structure without breaking the bank. Not only are the materials less expensive, it requires a much smaller pier as there is less weight to support and less labor because it can be built in a day instead of a few weeks. Lastly, you’ll save money on maintenance as we move through the future. No matter how you slice it, constructing an aluminum structure is a wise financial decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do aluminum patio covers last?

Unlike their wood-frame “cousins,” an aluminum patio cover should last for decades with little-to-no maintenance required.

How to seal aluminum patio covers?

Because the color is baked on the surface, an additional coat of sealant isn’t necessary.

How strong are aluminum patio covers?

They are hurricane rated and able to withstand winds on rooftop patios.

How do you cover/enclose an aluminum pergola's lattice cover?

Theoretically, the slats would be removed and replaced with an insulated panel. That said, it’s much simpler in theory than in practice.