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Custom Vanishing Edge & Spillway Pools Design & Build

A custom water feature should add drama and slow things down.

What is a Vanishing Edge and Spillway Pool?

Often referred to as an infinity pool, a vanishing edge pool is designed with an edge that appears to merge with the surrounding landscape, creating a visual illusion of water overflowing into a catch basin or disappearing over the horizon, providing a stunning and luxurious aesthetic effect.

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A vanishing edge or spillway adds a layer of design, opens up the space, and takes a pool to another level, seamlessly blending the tranquil water feature with its surroundings. It is typically utilized in a setting where the pool is simply a vehicle to looking at something even more awe-inspiring, creating a harmonious connection between the pool and the breathtaking backdrop.

Benefits of a Vanishing Edge and Spillway Pool

The pool becomes the frame so the actual focal point comes into focus.
An infinity pool connects you to something beyond the pool itself.
Its noise and cascading water settle the mood and help you relax.
Adding an infinity edge elevates a pool from simple to spectacular.

Vanishing Edge and Spillway Pool Design Options

Champagne Spa

A champagne spa allows the water to spill over all four sides of your hot tub into the pool. It’s a stunning feature that creates an important connection between the pool and spa.

Infinity Edge

As water spills out of your pool and into a trough below it allows the water to feel endless. And, after all, isn’t the goal of creating your pool to build a space that feels different from everyday life?

Large Spillway

Creating a large spillway from the spa to the pool creates a beautiful cascading effect and changes the entire feel of the space. The larger the spillway, the larger the impact.

Vanishing Edge & Spillway Pool Installation

1. Surface Prep

In a vanishing edge pool there is a significant amount of plumbing to sort through.

2. Tailoring

We’ll discuss exactly the goal for the edge so that we’re crafting the perfect frame for your “picture.”

3. Crafting

The finish work on the tile has to be precise as any imbalance will disallow the utility of the infinity edge.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll make sure all elements are in working order and hand over the reins to your new pool.

Vanishing Edge & Spillway Pool Costs

A spillway from a spa to the pool is an inexpensive way to create a water feature in the pool. An infinity edge is an entirely different story as it’s a large investment. Our take is that you should build a pool once and you should build it right. We’ll talk through the design to make sure that happens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a vanishing edge pool work?

Similar to a fountain, the plumbing returns the water to the source so it can be recycled.

Why are infinity pools more expensive?

It’s a lot more labor and a lot more plumbing. It also increases the surface area of plaster and the area covered by tile. In general, it’s a lot more work.

What surface is usually used for an infinity pool edge?

Most often our clients use a porcelain or glass tile.

Are infinity pools hard to maintain?

As long as it’s functioning properly, it should be cared for in the same way as your pool.