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Roman/Grecian Pools Design & Build

Building Grecian pools allows us to connect history to modern design principles.

What is a Roman/Grecian Pool?

A classical and symmetrical swimming pool design inspired by the architecture and aesthetics of ancient Rome and Greece, that typically features rectangular or oval shapes, ornate detailing, and statuesque elements for a timeless and elegant look.

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A captivating embodiment of classical antiquity and architectural grace, a Roman/Grecian Pool is a realm of swimming pool design. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of ancient Rome and Greece, these pools exude an aura of timeless elegance. They typically showcase symmetrical rectangular or oval shapes, flanked by meticulously designed columns and ornate detailing reminiscent of ancient temples and structures. Statues and sculptures often grace the pool's surroundings, adding a touch of classical artistry. Coping and paving materials, like travertine or marble, contribute to the pool's classical authenticity.

Benefits of a Roman & Grecian Style Pool

Sometimes a classic design simply shouldn’t be altered.
The Romans built everything as big as their colosseums.
For those of us with OCD, clean lines are a must.
A pool can feel as relaxing as an ancient bath house.

Roman/Grecian Pool Services

New Build

A Grecian pool is a throwback to a time when things were simpler. It can be designed so that it brings to life a classic aesthetic with modern technology.


Adding fire features, seating walls and water features can make a space more Roman. Designing these elements so that they fit your space is our specialty.

LED Lighting

Replacing your current lighting with LED lights can color your space differently. It can also make sure this is the last time you’ll replace a bulb in your pool.


One of the materials that feels most natural on a Grecian pool is travertine. While it’s native to Turkey, it’s exactly what we Texas picture in Roman times.

Raised Spa

While a Roman pool is simple, an easy way to dress it up is with a raised spa. It adds a depth and texture to the space that’s difficult to achieve without it.


Specifically during a remodel, Carvestone can update the decking so that it’s period specific. It’s custom colored, carved and grouted specifically for you.

Roman/Grecian Pool Installation

1. Surface Prep

We’ll excavate, build the steel structure and shoot the gunite to create the foundation.

2. Tailoring

Every pool is built to order and custom-designed for your specific needs.

3. Crafting

Our experienced craftsmen will cut and build until your custom pool is completed.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll balance the chemicals and hand over the keys to your new pool.

Roman/Grecian Pool Costs

Every pool is different and requires a custom proposal. While we can’t provide a price per foot without an onsite visit, we’re happy to talk it through. Once we have a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, we’ll create a 3-D rendering of the space and provide a price for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I shock my Roman pool?

The goal would be never as a pool that’s balanced won’t require it.

What is the average depth of a Roman pool?

It can be almost anything but the standard pool moves from 3’6” to 6’.