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Resort Style Pool Design & Build

You don’t have to wait for vacation to experience resort style living.

What is a Resort Style Pool?

Luxurious and amenity-rich, a resort-style pool is designed to offer a vacation-like experience with features such as lavish landscaping, cabanas, water features, and recreational amenities.

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The epitome of opulence and recreation is a resort style pool providing a lavish escape. These pools are characterized by their meticulously landscaped surroundings, featuring lush tropical plants, palm trees, and meticulously designed hardscaping. Water features like waterfalls, fountains, or even lazy rivers add a tranquil ambiance, and sometimes swim-up bars provide the ultimate in relaxation. The resort-style pool is more than a place to swim; it's a destination in itself, embodying the essence of a tropical getaway and creating an alluring atmosphere of leisure and indulgence.

Design Features of Resort Style Pools

Water Slide
A resort style pool should create fun for people of all ages.
Infinity Spa
It should also include an elevated design element unique to your space.
Fire Feature
Incorporating ancillary features such as fire can set things apart.
In-pool Seating
Why get out of the pool to eat lunch or relax with a drink?

Resort Style Pool Design Options


Adding in-pool water features - like bubblers - add a design element that significantly changes the visual interest in your pool. They can be placed in many areas but a sun shelf is typically where they’re placed.

Bar Stools

Any time you spend the weekend in the Caribbean, one of the best seats in the house is in the pool. Let’s add a bar stool in your pool so that you can sit down and enjoy yourself without ever leaving the pool.


Often forgotten, lighting up the pool makes it feel like Tuesday is the 4th of July. It can be lighting up a bubbler, the spa, adding lighting to the steps or making sure the pool interior is sufficiently lit for swimming at night.

Fire Pit

A fire pit doesn’t have to be a separate area inside of your outdoor living space. It can be built alongside the pool so that your pool design is in lockstep with the entirety of your outdoor oasis.

Vanishing Edge

Every pool doesn’t need an infinity or vanishing edge but it’s obvious when one does. There are few places that slow you down the way a well placed infinity edge can as you overlook whatever backdrop exists in your space.

Lagoon Style

A pool design should make your backyard feel like you’ve entered an entirely different space. The design should incorporate everything from materials to landscape to decking so that a lagoon feel becomes a possibility.

Resort Style Pool Installation

1. Surface Prep

A resort style pool starts with excavation just like any other pool does.

2. Tailoring

Each ancillary element of your pool is custom designed for you.

3. Crafting

The pool will be built so that it looks beautiful and stands the test of time.

4. Walkthrough

There’s nothing better than being the first to dive into your newly constructed pool.

Resort Style Pool Costs

A pool isn’t the area in your backyard where you want to pinch pennies. It’s the one area of your space that should last your lifetime and a well-built pool is a large investment. We’ll design the pool based off of the way you intend to use it and deliver a proposal custom-built for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a resort style pool last?

The same as every other pool except that each additional element will require some level of maintenance moving forward.

Why build a resort style pool?

Pools are intended to be fun. Let’s dream together.

Does a resort style pool need to be huge?

No. In fact, it just needs to take you on vacation each time you jump in.