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Pool Remodeling and Renovation

Our goal is always to restore and elevate the beauty your pool once contained.

What is pool remodeling and renovation?

A pool renovation project is one that involves updating and improving the appearance, functionality, and features of an existing swimming pool, typically to enhance its aesthetic appeal and modernize its equipment. This can include resurfacing, adding new water features, and replacing outdated materials.

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It all starts with the right design. How are you wanting to use your pool differently than you’ve been able to in the past? What about your current pool has become outdated and what style are you wanting to bring to the new space? Once we’ve worked some of this through, we’ll create a detailed plan for your pool and get to work. In the initial phase, surface preparation begins by draining the pool, stripping away the old finish, and inspecting the underlying structure for any necessary repairs. Once the surface is ready, the tailoring phase begins, where your design and style preferences for tile, coping, and finishes are carefully implemented. Following the build, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you to ensure that the pool is not only aesthetically stunning but also fully functional and safe.

Pool Remodeling Styles and Materials

Travertine Pool Remodel

A travertine pool remodel can mean many different things. Generally you’d be describing the pool deck but you can actually utilize travertine for the coping and tile as well.

Glass Tile Pool Renovation

Using a glass subway tile on the spa can be a creative way to change the feel of the entire space. Of course, you can also utilize a glass pool for the entire pool perimeter.

White Marcite Pool Renovation

Sometimes it’s best to stay simple. Depending on the material selections you’ve made for the deck, tile and coping, you may want to consider going with a subtle white plaster.

Spa Spillover Remodel

Creating a cascading effect from the spa not only elevates the space, it also doubles as a water feature for the entire space. You can customize this feature to be as wide as you’d like.

Carvestone Pool Renovation

Carvestone is a great concrete overlay product to utilize during a pool renovation. It is hand-carved, hand-colored, grouted and completely customized to fit into your space.

Lagoon Style Pool Remodel

A dark colored pebble plaster can create a lagoon effect in the middle of town. Something about that lagoon feel can make your backyard the oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Types of Pools We Remodel

Freeform Pool

The flow of a freeform pool is one that feels like a weekend. It lacks structure and certainty and is full of possibilities. A well-designed freeform pool captures the spirit of freedom and relaxes the soul.

Geometric Pool

Long ago discarded as being the pool of the seventies, geometric pools have made a comeback in the last decade. They represent modernity and simplicity in an endlessly complex world.

Sun Shelf Pool

A sun (or tanning) shelf is a great, efficient way to add lounge style seating without taking up the pool deck. Not only that, it’s a refreshing way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in your pool.

Cocktail Pool

Are the kids out of the house? Is it time to build a pool for the two of you? A cocktail pool allows you to mingle and walk throughout the entire pool while creating the fun atmosphere you’re looking for.

Pool Remodel Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

We’ll remove the coping, chip out the plaster, demo the deck and get back to a base level where we can rebuild.

2. Tailoring

A pool is built for living. Our job is to create a space that perfectly encapsulates whatever has been in your head.

3. Crafting

There are a ton of people who can install tile, coping or plaster. But there are far fewer who should.

4. Walkthrough

Once complete, we’ll confirm you’re ready to use your new space and hand over the keys to the kingdom.

Pool Remodel Costs

Pool renovations and remodels are often a much larger investment than our clients had anticipated. We regularly hear that it costs more than their original pool build. All of that said, we’ll discuss what we offer, what you’re comfortable with, and press towards finding a solution that works for your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an existing pool be modified?

You bet. We can add steps, sun shelfs, grottos or nearly anything else you can imagine.

How much does replastering a pool cost?

This depends greatly on the size of the pool and the material selected. We prefer installing a mini-pebble.

How long does an extensive renovation project on a pool take?

It can be anywhere from days to months depending on the scope of the project.

What is the best time of year to remodel my pool?

Any time. We work 12 months per year.