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Geometric Pools Design & Build

Our geometric pools are on point and on trend.

What is a Geometric Pool?

This pool style is characterized by straight lines, sharp angles, and precise geometric shapes, such as rectangles, squares, or octagons, providing a contemporary and structured aesthetic.

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All about modern sophistication, geometric pools feature clean lines and precise shapes that stand out. They create a crisp and orderly appearance, offering a contemporary and stylish vibe. The use of smooth tiles or sleek concrete complements the design, adding to its visual appeal. Beyond aesthetics, these pools are practical, easy to clean, maintain, and seamlessly integrate with modern architecture and landscaping.

Design Features of Geometric Pools

A geometric pool can create a modern (contemporary) vibe in your backyard.
Looking for a pool that looks like the one you grew up swimming in?
The clean, straight lines created by a geometric pool allow it to fit in any space.
The simplicity of a geometric pool is one of its greatest attributes.

Geometric Pool Services

Custom Pool Build

A custom built swimming pool should be designed to fit the way you’re intending to evolve your outdoor life. How are you imagining your friends and family using the space once it’s complete?

Pool Remodeling and Renovation

If your pool area is looking tired it may be time for a facelift. Fortunately, renewing the decking, plaster, tile and coping can make the entire space feel brand new again.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Your current pool deck may be “graying” out, rough pea gravel, or even a delaminating spray deck. Replacing or improving the pool deck with Carvestone can bring your deck back to life.

Pool Replastering

An aging plaster is more than an eyesore, it also serves to be the watertight sealant for your pool shell. If you’re seeing it peel or delaminate, it’s time to replaster the pool.

Pool Coping

The pool coping is intended to add a beautiful border around the pool but that’s only its aesthetic purpose. It also covers the bond beam and avoids a “ring crack” from forming in the concrete slab.

Glass Tile

Using a glass tile instead of a porcelain tile provides an immediate elevation to your pool. With options ranging from subway tile to penny shaped and almost any color, you’re certain to find the tile for you.

Geometric Pool Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

When remodeling, we need to get back to the original structure, or as close as possible.

2. Tailoring

Every build and remodel is designed and completed with each homeowner’s utility in mind.

3. Crafting

We’ve spent over a decade creating relationships with masons, plaster applicators and installers.

4. Walkthrough

After we’re done - and the space has been cleaned up - we’ll shake hands and give back your yard.

Geometric Pool Costs

As a boutique pool builder, our custom pool builds begin over $100,000. A remodel can be much cheaper than that but it’s still a large investment as well. Once we’ve established the scope and selected your materials, we’ll gladly provide you with a comprehensive proposal. In addition to the price, we’ll provide you with our flexible payment options which include no payments/no interest for 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build more freeform or geometric pools?

For a long time that answer was freeform but, these days, it seems like we’re building more geometric pools.

How long will a geometric pool last?

The shape of the pool won’t have any impact on its longevity. Each individual element of a pool will last for a different period of time but the shell should last a lifetime.

Which is more expensive - geometric pool or freeform?

They are the same cost. Commonly geometric pools are built smaller so they wind up being a bit cheaper.

How often does a geometric pool need maintenance?

Pool chemistry should be balanced each week.