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Freeform Pools Design & Build

Pools should be constructed to seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape.

What is a Freeform Pool?

A swimming pool with an organic, irregular shape that mimics natural bodies of water, providing a more relaxed and naturalistic aesthetic.

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This design breaks away from geometric pools with its organic and relaxed style, mirroring the irregular shapes of natural waters. Featuring gentle, curving lines and asymmetrical shapes, freeform pools create a fluid and harmonious appearance, incorporating natural elements like rocks, waterfalls, and lush landscaping for a serene, oasis-like atmosphere. Freeform pools are a hit for folks who want a more casual, leisure-focused, and uniquely cool addition to their outdoor spaces.

Design Features of Freeform Pools

Creating a wandering perimeter allows the day to feel less structured.
A freeform pool removes the formality from a space that shouldn’t have it to begin with.
Working around an existing element? A freeform pool can reflect that need.
We can add a water feature, slide, sun shelf, spa or anything else you desire.

Freeform Pool Services

New Construction

A new freeform pool is an outstanding addition to any backyard but especially a large one. It can be designed in such a way that it draws you off the back patio and into the water.


Remodeling a freeform pool is simple. Whether we’re replastering with a mini pebble plaster, retiling it with a porcelain tile or replacing the existing coping with a new travertine, we can revive your aging pool.

Sun Shelf

Adding a sun shelf to a new pool is easy but did you know it’s easy to add one when remodeling? Let’s discuss the placement and all the creative ways we have of getting started today.

Beach Entry

The traditional method of getting into a pool (steps) isn’t something anyone can take issue with. It’s not just about meeting the expectation, it can be exceeded with a glass tile beach entry.

Water Feature

A custom water feature is an important element during the design of any pool. A pool shouldn’t just be a place to cool off, it needs to also create a serene retreat where you can escape everyday life.

Raised Spa

The accent stone selected to be the facade stone of a raised spa will allow the perimeter coping to function as both a beautiful seating wall as well as a place to sit and dangle your legs in the spa.

Freeform Pool Installation

1. Surface Prep

As is true with any pool, a freeform pool begins with excavation and rebar.

2. Tailoring

Every pool is uniquely constructed for the needs of our clients.

3. Crafting

We’ll deliver a pool that’s not only designed well, it’s built for living in Texas.

4. Walkthrough

Once complete, your brand new space is ready for you to enjoy.

Freeform Pool Costs

While a freeform pool does not cost anything more relative to a geometric pool, it’s not any simpler to price out either. Every pool requires a custom proposal and is not something that can be priced out without an onsite visit. We’re happy to make that visit, discuss your design and return a comprehensive quote back to you. From there, we’ll also provide some creative ideas for getting started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drain my freeform pool?

Sure. Generally, we drain pools into the street.

How to cover a freeform pool?

Not a question we often get in Texas but it would require a manual covering system as an automated cover cannot be built to fit.

How long will a freeform pool last?

The shell of a well built pool is built to last your lifetime. All of its ancillary elements will require some level of maintenance moving forward.

Are freeform pools more expensive than geometric pools?

Not inherently. They’re both as expensive as the elements we add to them.