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Patio Paver Design & Build

A paver system is a favorite of Allied clients not only because of their beauty but also because of their longevity.

What is a Patio Paver?

Pavers are interlocking, versatile stones or concrete blocks used to create a functional and visually appealing surface for outdoor patios, offering both aesthetic enhancement and durability.

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Pavers are now being utilized for airport runways as they provide an unrivaled strength rating combined with a repairability not found in other hardscape offerings. Additionally, they require far less maintenance than many other decorative options. Having worked through their strength, repairability and excellent maintenance cycle, we’ve not even discussed one of the most important elements they provide: their beauty.

Paver Textures & Patterns

Vintage Modern Pavers

One of the best parts of a paver system is its simplicity. It doesn’t have to be marble, instead your patio can be elevated with a traditional paver installed in such a way that it creates a modern space with timeless energy.

Mountainscape Pavers

We’ve all experienced the charm of Colorado in the summer. Instead of going through the hassle of returning, let’s create a backyard patio where you can be reminded of those mountain vibes each time you step on it.

Desertscape Pavers

Few things pull you outdoors like a cool night in the painted desert. In Texas, that’s not something we experience every day…..but what if you could turn your backyard into that desert oasis?

Lakeside Pavers

A lazy summer afternoon spent by the lake doesn’t have to include aging wood and splinters. Bring your lakeside retreat into modern times by installing a paver patio perfectly suited to watch the sunset.

Suburbian Hideaway Pavers

Most of us spend all week hustling from one thing to another. A backyard space should feel safe, secluded, and serene. It should feel like a retreat. A paver patio can make it so.

Hill Country Pavers

For many of us, driving out to the Hill Country is a reminder that life isn’t all that difficult and of summers spent with our families. What if all of that charm could be packaged into a paver patio just steps away from your home?

Benefits of Patio Pavers


One of the primary benefits of patio pavers is their versatility, as they come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and patterns, allowing homeowners to create a personalized outdoor space that matches their style and vision.

Simple Installation

Patio pavers offer the advantage of simple installation, as their interlocking design requires no curing time, allowing for immediate use of the patio after installation. Furthermore, their modular nature facilitates easy repairs, should any pavers become damaged, ensuring that the patio remains pristine with minimal effort and expense.

Easy to Maintain

A durable paver surface resists staining and can be quickly cleaned with basic maintenance. Their individual, replaceable units make it convenient to address specific damaged areas, allowing homeowners to keep their outdoor space looking flawless with minimal effort.


The permeable design of pavers allows rainwater to penetrate the surface and replenish the soil, reducing stormwater runoff and the risk of flooding. Additionally, their durability and potential for reuse make them a sustainable option, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated environmental impact.

Paver Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

We’ll begin with the excavation and bring in about 4” of compacted fill to function as the base support for the system.

2. Tailoring

A paver patio offers versatility in regard to the shape, texture, color and layout so that your patio is as unique as you.

3. Crafting

Our expert trade partners are commonly installing paver parking lots and driveways making your patio a walk in the park.

4. Walkthrough

It’s all yours. We’ll provide one final quality inspection and then hand over a very different - and much improved - backyard space.

Paver Costs

A paver system is the largest up-front investment you can make in your patio. It requires the most materials and labor as well as including the most expensive raw materials. In the end, they provide almost any look you’re wanting to chase and will pay off that up-front money in the coming years. That said, there are too many factors - drainage, paver type, required base, etc. - to provide a standard square footage price. Once we’re onsite, we’ll be glad to provide a comprehensive estimate for your new patio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a permit for patio pavers?

Generally, you’ll only need a permit if we’re replacing the driveway.

How often do pavers need to be sealed?

We actually do not recommend a sealant as it just begins a maintenance cycle. We’re always happy to clean and seal them down the road.

How to maintain patio pavers?

From time to time the base material will require re-compaction and the polymeric sand will need to be replaced. Beyond the standard again process, you can just enjoy.