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Concrete Pool Decks Design & Build

Give your pool deck form and function with a concrete surface.

What is a Concrete Pool Deck?

A solid, often textured surface surrounding a swimming pool, typically made of poured or stamped concrete, providing a durable and functional area for relaxation and recreation.

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As an integral feature of a swimming pool area, a concrete pool deck serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, carefully designed and constructed to be slip-resistant, durable, and comfortable. They are highly customizable, allowing for various finishes, textures, and color choices, making it possible to create a visually appealing space that complements the pool and the overall landscape. These decks not only provide a safe and sturdy platform for pool users but also contribute to the overall ambiance and design of the outdoor space.

Our Pool Deck Build & Repair Services

Pool Deck Resurfacing

A freeform pool deck can provide a casual feel for a lazy Saturday afternoon. It’s generally utilized around a freeform pool and can create a level of cohesiveness throughout the yard. Alternatively, complementing a geometrically shaped pool with a similarly shaped pool deck is necessary to create a cohesive feel that allows the space to feel like it was all constructed at the same time.

Pool Deck Stamping

Adding a decorative element to your concrete pool deck will change the feel of the entire space and adding a custom stamped pattern and color will be the final step in making your pool area look brand new again. In Texas, the temperature of the pool deck is something that should be considered. It’s with this in mind that we recommend using lighter colors in any area where you intend to be barefoot.

Pool Deck Decorative Concrete

When renovating a pool deck, there are many different styles to consider. Whether you’re looking for a modern aesthetic or simply desiring the pool deck be understated, a textured stamp can achieve both while providing a durable, beautiful surface built for the Texas heat. Additionally, a Grecian aesthetic can create a classic, spa-like feel that can make a Tuesday night feel like the weekend.

Pool Deck Paving

Utilizing a concrete surface for your pool deck has many benefits. It can be cost effective and durable while creating a classic aesthetic that fits in with the rest of your space. If a broom finish is chosen, it creates a blank canvas that allows you to decorate or “level up” the surrounding elements. Think of a light colored couch where the pillows become the “statement” or the accent color.

New Pool Deck Installation

Our concrete is created for pedestrian traffic but rated for vehicular traffic. That said, strength is only part of the story. A drainage plan needs to be created prior to forming up the concrete so that a path for the water’s exit has been considered. Moving the water off the pool deck is important but - if not fully thought through - it can just create a new area of ponding you never signed up for.

Pool Deck Expansion

In many instances when a pool is built, the client is doing everything they can to keep the budget under control. Often, that means that the decking is too small for your desired utility. When you’re adding to your space one of the first things we ask is how you intend to use your new space. For example, adding an area for lounge chairs can allow the existing space to become the dining area you’ve always wanted.

Concrete Pool Deck Finishes & Design Options

Freeform Concrete Pool Deck

Designing a freeform concrete pool deck allows for a creative and organic approach. The irregular shape of the pool deck can be enhanced with features like meandering pathways, lush landscaping, and various surface treatments, creating a harmonious and naturalistic outdoor oasis.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

This design option can mimic the appearance of various materials like stone, brick, or wood, providing a cost-effective way to achieve the desired aesthetic. The different patterns, colors, and textures to complement the pool's surroundings, allow for a visually appealing and cohesive outdoor space.

Textured Concrete Pool Deck

Designing a textured concrete pool deck provides the opportunity to create a slip-resistant surface that's both safe and stylish. Various patterns, such as broom finishes, can be incorporated, along with a choice of colors to match the pool and outdoor surroundings, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Geometric Concrete Pool Deck

A geometric concrete pool deck offers a contemporary and structured design canvas. This style allows for clean lines, precise angles, and an organized layout, ideal for those seeking a modern and visually appealing outdoor space with options

Concrete Pool Deck Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

Demolition and prep work near a neighboring pool requires a special level of attentiveness.

2. Tailoring

The starting point for any new space begins with creating a space sufficiently crafted for your intended utilization.

3. Crafting

Once a finish is selected, our experience takes over and our job moves from ideation to creation.

4. Walkthrough

Once complete, we’ll apply any necessary sealants and provide a few tips for maintaining your new surface.

Concrete Pool Deck Costs

A concrete pool deck is often not as simple as it sounds on the surface and there are many site-specific variables that will impact the cost of your project. These variables include items such as the decorative finish being applied, any necessary drainage and unique preparatory work each yard requires. Our Outdoor Life Designers are properly trained to assess each situation and supply a comprehensive quote at our free initial onsite consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m replacing my existing pool deck, do I need to receive HOA approval or a permit?

Every city and neighborhood is different but both are uncommon requirements in the backyard.

Is a stamped concrete pool deck slippery?

All outdoor surfaces can be slipped on but we add a non-slip agent into the sealant in order to increase the traction for your decking.

Can I stain my existing concrete pool deck?

You technically could but an acid stain generally looks best when the slab has been poured with that in mind.

How do you handle drainage?

Often we’re able to drain the water off of a pool deck and into the yard somewhere. When that isn’t appropriate, we can tie into an existing drain line or run it out to the street.

Does a stamped concrete pool deck need to be resealed?

Yes, about every 2 years.

How to clean a concrete pool deck?

At Allied, we recommend simply using some soap, a heavy broom and a garden hose. You can use a pressure washer on a low setting but you’ll want to be careful on any type of sealed surface.

How long does a concrete pool deck last?

We get this question a lot and the answer isn’t what you want to hear: it depends. We’ll pour your pool deck with the same strength we’d build into your driveway. The pool decking’s life is limited by ancillary factors such as tree roots and soil movement.

How often should a concrete pool deck be resurfaced?

It’s entirely up to you. An overlay can be added to a broom finished surface at any time.

What is the best sealer for a concrete pool deck?

We recommend a solvent based sealant with a non-skid additive.

Does sealing concrete make it slippery?

Not inherently, no. That said, we always add a second layer of defense by including a non-skid additive at the time of application.

How often should you seal your concrete pool deck?

Every 2 years or as needed. You’ll want to be certain you remove the original sealant entirely before applying the new coat otherwise you’re likely to see a “cloudy” result.