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Concrete Patios Design & Build

Transform your lifestyle with a versatile space for relaxation and entertainment.

What is a Concrete Patio?

A concrete patio is not just an outdoor surface; it is a carefully constructed and versatile space that transforms gatherings, providing a foundation for entertainment, dining, and creating a personalized outdoor lifestyle.

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A well thought out concrete patio can create a new space to entertain and help your party spill outdoors. The decorative options are endless and can create whatever vibe you're chasing for your space.….but it should be so much more than that. It becomes the foundation for a new dining table, grill station, firepit or structure. Truth be told, it becomes the foundation for your new life in your very own great outdoors.

Our Concrete Patio Build & Repair Services

Patio Resurfacing

When remodeling a patio surface, you have two options: 1) Remove and Replace and 2) Resurface. Resurfacing can be defined a few different ways but, at a very basic level, it’s simply enhancing the surface. In most cases that involves an overlay product and, at Allied, we are proud to offer our own proprietary product: Carvestone.

Patio Stamping

Stamping concrete seems simple on the surface but there are pitfalls throughout the entire process. The moisture content of the concrete, the consistent depth of the stamp itself, the application of the color and proper installation of the sealant are just a few of the activities during installation that will determine the outcome.

Patio Decorative Concrete

The low end decorative concrete products on the market are DIY paint and stain kits or a spray deck overlay. The mid range would include a stamped solution. The highest end product would be our Carvestone overlay product. We’re excited to discuss our installation methods for the mid-high range market products.

Patio Paving

When the layout of your current home and yard is geometric or structured, adding a similarly shaped concrete patio can make it feel like it’s always been there. On the other hand, adding a freeform edge to your patio can not only add in a new layer of interest, it can allow the new slab to ease into the shapes that exist in your current space.

New Patio Installation

A concrete patio does not always have to be the star of the show. It can play a wonderful supporting role to a structure which can change the way you live. Instead of pouring your patio adjacent to the home, consider creating an entirely new space by placing it in the center of your yard.

Patio Expansion

Creating new patio space is one of the simplest ways to ensure you get outside more often. It can be the foundation for a shade structure, an outdoor kitchen or simply a space designed for dining under the stars. Regardless of the set up, an outdoor living space starts with your first step outdoors……a step onto your patio.

Concrete Patio Finishes and Design Options

Broom Finished with Border

The broom finish provides slip resistance and texture, making it safer, while the border adds an element of design and differentiation, enhancing the patio's aesthetics and defining the space.

Patio with Structure

Concrete patio finishes can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a patio. The choice of finish can complement the architectural style of the structure enhancing the patio's visual appeal and creating a harmonious design.

Square Patio

When designing a square patio, there are numerous concrete patio design options to consider. These include utilizing contrasting colors for a visually striking appearance and integrating features like inlays or border details to add depth and dimension to the space.

Patio for Entertaining

Designing a concrete patio for entertaining offers the opportunity to create a welcoming and functional outdoor space. Considering details such as the patio finish and added features ensure that your patio is not only visually appealing but also equipped to host guests comfortably and stylishly.

Concrete Patio Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

Our construction does not begin until we establish elevations to allow proper drainage.

2. Tailoring

The layout of your patio begins to take shape as we better understand how you intend to use the space.

3. Crafting

All concrete is not created equally and it’s our experience that will deliver the long-lasting result you expect.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll confirm we’ve completed the patio we set out to build and hand you the keys to your new outdoor space.

Concrete Patio Costs

A concrete patio can take on many different forms and each project is unique making it difficult to provide a simple price per square foot. The depth of the patio, size of the rebar, required drainage, site access and aesthetic selections will all impact the price of your patio. What we’re happy to provide is a free consultation where we intend to produce a comprehensive estimate before we leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cover my weep holes?

We can’t. At least some portion of them will need to remain exposed after we’re gone.

How will you keep water from getting in my home?

When possible, we’ll slope the concrete away from the home. In the rare occurrence that isn’t possible, we’ll discuss a drainage solution that will alleviate your concern.

Will you protect my home and windows during construction?

Typically, we’ll cover the siding/brick and windows with visqueen which is a low-density plastic.

What if my home is built on a post tension slab?

We’ll want to know this ahead of time so that we don’t demo any concrete that may have a cable running through it.

What if I plan to build something on top of my patio in the future?

We can run a sleeve for future utility lines or pour a pier/beam for a future fireplace or hot tub.

How do you clean a concrete patio?

We recommend water and some soap. You’re also welcome to use goof off or a pressure washer at a low setting.

Can you paint a concrete patio?

Technically, yes. It’s not something we offer or recommend. It’s a bandaid and will create an unwanted maintenance cycle.

How long will a concrete patio last?

Some level of degradation (wear and tear) should be expected with any outdoor product but, if properly constructed, a concrete patio can weather decades.

Is a concrete patio cheaper than pavers?

Considerably, yes. A properly installed paver patio will be more than double that of a broom finished concrete patio.