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Stone Outdoor Kitchen Design & Build

Our goal is to bring the neighborhood grill master to life.

What is a Stone Outdoor Kitchen?

A functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor cooking and entertainment space that typically features stone detailing for countertops and cooking surfaces.

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A natural stone outdoor kitchen facade serves as the perfect accent to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any backyard. Offering a vast array of choices that cater to nearly endless selections, it seamlessly complements and integrates with existing elements while contributing to the overall cohesiveness of the outdoor space. This addition to your backyard is designed for preparing meals, entertaining and socializing in an outdoor setting.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen Materials

Paver Block

A paver block material is a simple way to construct the frame as well as create a decorative facade for your outdoor kitchen. It comes in both a gray tone as well as a beige.


Not stone but a stone alternative, stucco can be the right selection when you already have stucco elements in your existing space. It can be painted any color imaginable.

Chopped Stone

A chopped stone selection provides a Colorado vibe. Generally speaking, it produces a colorful design and a mountain feel that’s hard to find in the great state of Texas.

Stacked Stone

Often called ledgestone, a stacked stone material is a “busier” look that is most often accompanied by a lighter, more monochromatic counter selection. It’s available in almost any color.

Split-face Travertine

Looking for a light, modern look? A split face travertine selection, which comes in all shades of white, grays and browns, can help create a clean, simple look for your kitchen.

Decorative Block

Using decorative block is a clever way to create form and function. The block works as the structure for the kitchen but it also creates a mid-century look you’ll love.

Outdoor Kitchen Add-ons


As a Coyote authorized dealer, we commonly utilize their appliances. That said, we also supply Bull, Viking, Wolf Green Egg or almost anything other appliance you’d like to discuss.

Pizza Oven

You can pick up the phone and order a frozen pizza from a chain or you can build a fire, stretch the dough, use fresh mozzarella and bring Italy home. You choose.


Accent lighting changes a space and an outdoor kitchen is no different. Whether it’s a pendant light, under counter lighting or a couple lantern lights, your evening cooks will be far more enjoyable.


Installing a sink is trickier than it sounds as it needs to be tied into the sewer line. It also allows you to wash meat and rinse dishes outside leaving some of the largest mess out of your inside space.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

A kitchen is heavy enough that it almost always requires a concrete footing be poured to support the weight.

2. Tailoring

Each person cooks differently. It’s for this reason that each outdoor kitchen is custom designed for the homeowner.

3. Crafting

Whether it’s the counter or the stone, our team of specialists will make sure your island is the highest quality.

4. Walkthrough

Once we’ve connected all of the utilities and cleaned the space there’s nothing left but to grill the steaks.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen Costs

Because each outdoor kitchen is unique and custom-tailored to the tastes of the homeowner, it’s not possible to provide a price per linear foot. Items like the counter, facade, length, utilities, appliances and lighting all impact the price. That said, we do provide free comprehensive quotes during our initial consultation along with creative financial options for getting started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do stone outdoor kitchens last?

All outdoor elements will age but your kitchen will be built structurally sound and should stand the test of time.

Are stone outdoor kitchens worth the money?

If you love to cook and entertain, the value they provide is tough to beat.

How big is the average stone outdoor kitchen?

It’s tough to fit appliances and a counter space in a kitchen shorter than 12’ but our average is closer to 20’.

How do I keep my stone outdoor kitchen in good conditions?

You’ll want to keep it clean, replace or clean the grout in time and keep the countertop sealed. As all of you know, the appliances will also take work to keep up.

How do you clean a stone outdoor kitchen?

A garden hose or a low-pressure power wash should keep things in order.