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Outdoor Kitchen Shapes Design & Build

Each patio space is unique and a kitchen should be designed to work in your setting.

What are the different outdoor kitchen shapes?

Outdoor kitchens come in various shapes, including L-shaped, U-shaped, straight-line, and island designs, each offering distinct layouts and features to suit different preferences and available space.

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Our discovery conversations begin with listening to the way you’re intending to use your new outdoor kitchen. Once we understand, the space will be constructed in a way that fits your needs. Materials, appliances, storage, counter space and utilities are just a few of the elements that we’ll consider when designing your space.

Outdoor Kitchen Shapes and Materials


An L-shaped kitchen can be utilized for a variety of purposes but, most commonly, it’s used to create plenty of counter space and a bar height that is separate from the back of the grill. It can add length to a straight line kitchen efficiently.

Straight Line

We can build a kitchen as short as 8’-10’ or as long as you can imagine. While we’ve built 30’ straight line kitchens in the past, we generally build straight line kitchens smaller to allow the remaining patio space to be designed for something else.


While not the norm, an outdoor kitchen can sometimes be created without hard edges. It’s most often designed so that it mirrors the structure’s shape above it or because an existing space has more natural edges throughout.


An alternative to a straight line kitchen, a 3-sided kitchen isn’t much longer but adds a few necessary elements. First, it adds a level of visual interest. Second, it can create more counter space to be used for bar heights, additional appliances, etc.


The Cadillac of outdoor kitchens is the U shape. They are commonly built to be 30’-40’ feet long and create enough space for everything. Our clients use them to create 3-4 grilling and smoking stations, additional seating and to replicate your indoor kitchen.


There are few things that create conversations like a round table. Instead of placing a table near the outdoor kitchen, let’s build it in. We can construct a rounded bar height where you can dine, talk, and enjoy the warmth of a fire on a cool evening.

Kitchen Add-ons


When our clients are building their outdoor kitchen space for utility, there isn’t a lot of room left for seating. In these cases, we recommend a separate, similarly dressed kitchen island.

Vent Hood

One of the wonderful parts of grilling is the smell of the smoke coming off the grill. In a covered setting, it becomes much less desirable and a vent hood can eradicate the issue.


Our clients are most interested in their appliances and seating but our goal is to make your space as useful as possible. One way to make sure you’re always ready is to efficiently create storage.

Power Burner

Whether it’s a wok for your asian cuisine, turkey on Thanksgiving or for the annual crawfish party, we’ve got you covered. A power burner can give your friends one more reason to drop over.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

An outdoor kitchen is extremely heavy and requires a concrete footer to be poured beneath the structure.

2. Tailoring

Every one of us grills differently and your outdoor kitchen needs to be purpose built for the way you cook.

3. Crafting

When combining so many different masonry elements, an experienced installer is a must.

4. Walkthrough

Once the final appliance is placed, it’s time to fire up the grill and put the beer on ice.

Different Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Costs

We’ve found outdoor kitchens can create the greatest disparity between our pricing and competitors. Are the appliances included? What brand are they? Is the plumbing included? How long is the run? Is the water being tied into the sewer? With so many custom elements, we’ll provide a detailed estimate and deliver a well-designed plan to get started at our initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need for a U-shaped kitchen?

We need a minimum of 5’ on all 3 sides. Even that is a really small amount of space to squeeze in appliances.

How much more does it cost to build a U shaped outdoor kitchen than a L shaped outdoor kitchen?

Nothing. The price of your outdoor kitchen will be determined by the appliances, utilities, material and size. The shape won’t have any impact.

Do outdoor kitchens rust?

Any metal element can rust but our kitchens are commonly made with stone and brick.