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Custom Grill Islands Design & Build

An intelligent grill island design will have the entire neighborhood gathering on your patio.

What is a custom grill island?

A custom grill island is a tailored outdoor cooking and entertainment structure, often made of stone, concrete, or other materials, designed to accommodate a grill and additional features like countertops, storage, and seating, personalized to suit specific preferences and needs.

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Anyone can buy a grill from a large box store and cook a steak. That’s just not what a custom grill island is for. It creates a space where you want to entertain and allows for your trash to be thrown away, drinks to be made and a phone can be charged without ever stepping foot indoors. Your grill still cooks that steak… just tastes better.

Custom Grill Islands Materials


While brick can initially seem traditional or aged, it can be dressed up in such a way that it comes into the modern age. We can whitewash it, use heavy grout or match the house, but no matter the decision, it can be a great decision.

Wall Block

One smart way to save money is to build the frame out of wall block instead of steel tubing, hardie board and a stone facade. It has a rustic, traditional appeal that can perfectly fit in with most Texas vibes.


Using stucco can be a really great way to let other elements in your outdoor space be the star of the show. It’s a clean, simple design selection that should absolutely be considered in almost every space.

Stacked Stone

A stacked stone selection is a great way to add color to a space. It often comes with reds, oranges, beiges and grays and can be paired with almost any countertop to create a cohesive outdoor design.

Split Face

A split face travertine option can bring almost any space into the modern age. It can be completed in many different colors and offers up a solution that works to simplify the entire design.

Chopped Stone

When considering stone, the options are nearly endless. We’re able to control the size, color, texture, grout color and shape of the stone so that your new grill island can be customized to your space.

Outdoor Kitchen Add-ons


Utilizing a kitchen island is a great way to save space and create a statement piece in the center of your grilling station. It can be used for seating, storage or even a serving platform for your food.

Cedar Trim

While rare, using a cedar accent wall can help bring the space together. It’s a simple way to add a level of depth or charm to the kitchen and the stain color can complement the rest of the space.

Green Egg

Building the space around a special appliance is a great way to incorporate the old with the new. We can construct the countertop so that the Green Egg is set at the perfect height.

Flat Top Grill

When selecting an appliance package, almost every option is available. We can purchase and install kegerators, power burners, storage cabinets, electric smokers and, yes, even flat top grills.

Custom Grill Islands Installation Process

1. Surface Prep

Each kitchen begins with a concrete footer that’s purpose built to support the weight of your new structure.

2. Tailoring

Each space is unique to the user. We build every kitchen and every space precisely to your tastes.

3. Crafting

The kitchen isn’t an area of the outdoor space that you can chance. It requires expertise and experience.

4. Walkthrough

We’ll check the grill, clean up the counter and pass off the keys to your new grilling station.

Custom Grill Islands Costs

A grill island isn’t a necessity and it isn’t a small investment. It’s the type of thing you create to change the way you experience your space. It takes a standard Thursday night and makes it special. It takes a normal evening with your friends and makes it memorable. Call us today and we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your custom grill islands made of?

The “guts” are constructed out of steel tubing and cement board. From there each kitchen is unique in terms of the brick and stone selected.

Can you build a Custom Grill island on pavers?

You can’t. It requires a concrete footer to be placed directly beneath the structure.

How far away from the house should the grill be?

We recommend moving them away from the wall if a vent hood isn’t present and directed away from any interior space.