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What is the difference between quartz and pebble plaster?

Are you building a new pool or is your existing pool needing a make-over?  One of the many decisions that go into building or remodeling a pool is the interior finish also commonly known as plaster.  Plaster manufacturers, types and colors are plentiful.  Let Allied Outdoor Solutions help you with this complex and sometimes confusing product.  We have completed thousands of back yard pool remodels.  Two of the most common questions we are asked during consultations is what is the difference between pebble, specifically mini-pebble, and quartz? 


 Let’s explore that question together.


Similarities of quartz and mini-pebble plaster:


  • Both are interior plaster finishes for your pool
  • Both can come with limited lifetime warranties 
  • Both consist of white cement and natural minerals
  • Both require a highly skilled installation team


Differences of quartz and mini pebble plaster:


  • The size of the aggregate.  Quartz uses a much finer stone, so much more of the plaster is visible. 
  • Some quartz are synthetic.
  • There is a similar feel and finish with quartz and pebble, but the more aggregate the stone, the less likely for color discoloration.
  • Mini pebble will last longer. 
  • Quartz base products are more cost efficient.
  • Quartz has a tendency to crack more frequently than pebble.
  • In the long term, pebble is more durable and has less discolorations. 
  • If the design calls for plaster to be exposed above the water line, pebble will be the only option. 
  • Quartz products require a more sensitive start up. 
  • Pebble products require a simple pressure wash after installation.          
  • Pebble will be more resistant to chemical changes. 
  • Quartz products require more maintenance 
  • Quartz products are more sensitive to chemical variations.
  • Mini pebble tends to have better bonding properties.
  • Mini pebble will provide a greater variance of color options due to the pebble variations they have in the mixtures provided. 
  • Mini pebble will give a consistent flow of the color and consistency to your pool surfacing. Whereas 
  • Quartz can allow possibilities of streaking and not consistent coloring throughout your pool

For these reasons, Allied Outdoor Solutions does not typically plaster a pool with quartz. Based on thousands of completed pool remodels we have seen that mini-pebble is easier to maintain and easier to keep clean.


We are looking forward to the opportunity to assist with your project and help you select the correct plaster that is bound to make a splash!





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