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Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Concrete Overlay

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular in Texas. While the winters can still get a bit chilly, your backyard is a great place for parties and family dinners all year round. Whether you have a barbecue and an outdoor dining table or your outdoor kitchen has a full array of appliances and tools, don’t forget to give your kitchen the right floor.


Here’s why a concrete overlay can help pull your kitchen together:


Make your outdoor kitchen a breeze to clean.


The last thing you want is an outdoor kitchen that gives you problems when the party is over. Cleanup can already be an arduous task, especially if you have a large gathering. If your outdoor kitchen has a bare concrete floor, that makes keeping it clean even harder.


Concrete absorbs stains quickly, especially from liquids, grease, and charcoal. Whether you do a lot of barbecuing in the same spot or someone drops a pitcher full of brightly colored juice, your concrete floor will hold onto those stains until the next pressure washing.


When you finish your outdoor kitchen with a concrete overlay, you make your outdoor kitchen a lot easier to maintain. You can pick a dark tiled pattern that doesn’t show stains. You can also pick a texture that doesn’t shred your mop or grab onto small bits of food. Even better, your overlay gets sealed with a protective coating that repels stains and soot. Then all you have to do is wipe up the stain instead of scrub the floor.


Concrete overlays give your outdoor kitchen the style you’re looking for. They also keep your kitchen easy to use and even easier to clean. Go to Allied Outdoor Solutions here to schedule an appointment or browse our gallery. We can help you build or renovate your outdoor kitchen so it’s the perfect place for a meal all year long.





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