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Enjoying the Many Benefits of a Concrete Overlay

A concrete overlay is a type of construction that can be either practical or decorative. An overlay can fix underlying problems, or add creativity to an otherwise bland-looking appearance. From a practical standpoint, concrete overlays do many things. They correct surface deficiencies, improve skid resistance, improve surface drainage, minimize climate-related deterioration, and improve structural capacity.

From a decorative standpoint, a concrete overlay can enhance appearance, reduce surface roughness, and provide a variety of creative alternations, including artistic elements such as making the concrete appear with a geometric modern design or making the concrete resemble a cobblestoned street.

Hiring an Overlay Contractor

A concrete overlay is generally too difficult to be a do-it-yourself activity; rather, they usually require the assistance of a professional contractor. Contractors can use CAD building software to produce advanced designs that require complicated techniques; these designs can then be shown to clients for approval before beginning work. Decorative concrete overlay contractors are specially trained to use different materials that result in creative ideas and provide all kinds of possibilities for concrete resurfacing. Often, the final appearance of the concrete overlay has very few limitations.

A contractor can install a concrete overlay in a variety of places around the home, including swimming pools, patios, porches, driveways, walkways, or anywhere with concrete resurfacing. Overlays are a bit more convenient than other concrete installations because they can be installed over an existing concrete surface to produce a new, creative look. Overlays are also quite varied; they come in several different colors and textures (such as stamped, troweled, or broom finished).

When looking for a concrete overlay contractor, there are several things to consider before hiring. Some of the factors that should be weighed include: the contractor’s credentials and discipline history (make sure the contractor has a license, carries insurance, is registered if applicable, this differs by state, and has a good rating by the Better Business Bureau); bids; recommendations (ask friends, family, and neighbors for suggestions or check the internet for reviews); and the contractor’s personality (people tend to spend a lot of time with their contractor, so they need to be comfortable with them in or around their house).

People should also be sure that their contractor signs a legal contract, even if the work is slotted to be a small project. In this contract, every detail about the work (including time table, start and finish dates, a description of the work, and the materials that will be used) should be included. Contracts help prevent problems, solve disputes, and hold both parties to what they agreed upon.

Concrete overlays are a great addition to any home. They can be installed as basic or ornamental as the homeowner wishes and can be deigned to match the overall style of any home. While it may be tempting to consider this as a DIY endeavor, this project is best suited for professional contractors with experience in installing concrete overlays. Contact your local contractor to receive a quote and get started remodeling your home today!


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