Our Product

Facilitating a decorative and aesthetically-pleasing finish that lasts.

What is Carvestone?
Most coatings have one thing in common: they all look like a coating. In 1992, a CarveStone/quartz coating was developed that would look and feel like real stone, but with all the benefits of concrete.

Where did Carvestone come from?
Carvestone originated in Europe where the process is used to restore historic buildings. The reason? Carvestone provides a strong coating that won’t wear down, can be hand-designed to match the stone around it, and doesn’t require messy installation. If Carvestone works for these unique projects, how much better will it work for your home!

Since we use a blend of cements and minerals specifically designed to be applied over most surfaces, you can be assured that Carvestone will be the last coating you will ever need.

How is Carvestone applied?
While some companies apply coating cheaply and quickly, our Carvestone applications are much more detailed, with every project treated as a work of art. Each job is carved, colored and grouted by hand. No tape, stencils or stones! Carvestone is approximately 3/8 inch thick, giving the look and feel of real stone.