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Having completed nearly 10,000 patios and pool deck remodels and new builds for our clients throughout Greater Houston, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’ve worked hard to understand how these patios should be constructed in The Woodlands, Katy, The Heights, West University, Galveston and more. It’s not just that we’ve considered our methods of construction, it’s that we’ve developed an understanding of how to navigate the design process. After all, all great outdoor living spaces began with the right design. Let’s get started on a custom patio or pool deck today.

Our Build Process

1. Design

We’ll lay out your new patio and create a drainage plan that can handle the expected volume of water.

2. Prepare

In spite of the fact that you’ll never see it, our time will largely be spent building out the materials beneath the surface.

3. Build

Once the base is established, our experienced craftsmen will install your surface with the future in mind.

4. Live

We’ll clean up our tools, add any finishing touches and pass over the keys to your new space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Allied Outdoor Solutions?
Our biggest strength is a commitment to two related issues: installation quality and customer satisfaction for our Houston customers. We remain committed to ensuring every stage of the process is carefully outlined.

We’ll have a thorough pre-job walk-through. All the necessary Houston permits will be secured, drainage and irrigation considered, inspections arranged, HOA approval received, layout confirmed and, finally, work can begin. After completion, your project manager will perform a post-job walk-through.
How will I select my stamp and color?
We’ll use samples ahead of time to help you find the perfect look for you and your home.
What does it mean to be ICPI certified?
We’re a member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. You can relax knowing that we have done our homework so that you don’t have to. We have gone to great lengths to keep ourselves up to date on installation training and methods unique to Houston so that we make sure that every project is installed the way we’d want it in our own backyard.
Is cracking an issue in pavers?
Not typically. Because pavers consist of small, high-density units, they resist the long, unsightly cracks that can mar ordinary concrete.
Are pavers stronger than concrete?
Yes. Inch for inch, pavers are stronger and more durable than conventional surfacing materials. Pavers can easily handle the daily weight stressors of cars and trucks. In fact, they are currently being installed on airport runways!
What are the standard specifications for an Allied concrete installation?
At Allied, a typical pour has a 4" slab of concrete, 3/8" rebar on 18" centers and the slope determined by the on-site foreman. We'll also take into consideration things like thicker concrete at the approach, drains that need to be installed, and sprinkler issues.
How does Allied install a paver system?
Depending on your environment, we can utilize an overlay system, remove and replace, or start from scratch. For a standard remove and replace, paver installation begins with the demolition of the existing surface. The existing hardscape—be it concrete, stone, or pavers—is removed. We then excavate down another 4"-6" to create an 8"-10" paver system. Your area will be built back up using a stabilized and compacted base material. We then apply a small amount of bedding sand to your pavers for the perfect base. An edge restraint is poured around the outside to help keep everything intact. Once the pavers are laid, we carefully fill the joints with polymeric sand—it looks like grout and will help inhibit weed growth and prevent sand loss and joint erosion.
What does it mean to be a Belgard Authorized contractor?
Because we are one of the few contractors across the state to be recognized by Belgard, the homeowner is rewarded with a lifetime warranty on the paver itself. While a paver is a durable product to begin with, it must be installed by an authorized contractor in order to have the backing of the warranty given. The correct installation of the paver is what gives it its longevity.
What is the maintenance required for concrete?
A decorative concrete surface should be re-sealed every year or so to maintain its original elegance. Other concrete surfaces can be re-sealed less frequently, once every three years or so.
What is the warranty on pavers?
We offer a 2 year workmanship warranty and a lifetime product warranty on any Belgard paver installation.