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Patio Cover Design & Build in Ft. Worth, Texas


Custom-designed shade structures in Fort Worth

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When adding a shade structure, pergola or awning to your home there are a variety of materials to choose from. Once only constructed out of wood or reserved for a “more affordable” offering, an aluminum structure has long been an afterthought. Consider your fence or any other wood frame structure that has been exposed to the elements in your backyard. It weathers, requires maintenance and just can’t seem to regain its original glory. Today’s aluminum structures are built to stand the test of time with almost no maintenance required. What’s more? They’re also beautiful and can’t fit any aesthetic preferences whether you’re in Arlington Heights or Weatherford. It’s time to rethink the way your patio, pergola or outdoor shade structure is constructed. Let’s get started today.

Our Build Process

1. Design

We’ll start by discovering how you’ll use your new space as we work through elements like the pitch of the roof and raw materials we’ll build with.

2. Prepare

HOA approvals, 3-D renderings, architectural drawings, and engineer’s stamps are often standard components of our preparatory work.

3. Build

Whether cedar, steel, stone, hardie or other raw materials, our experienced carpenters will cut and craft until your shade structure is complete.

4. Live

We firmly believe in starting with the end in mind and delivering an outdoor space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much shade does a pergola provide?
It depends on the number of tiers and how closely the slats are constructed to one another. It also depends on how those slats are oriented as they relate to the sun. We’ll discuss all of this onsite.
Does my structure need to be architected and engineered?
Most of the time, yes, but every city throughout the Greater Fort Worth area is different. In some cases, the city won’t require a permit on a smaller pergola. Even in these cases, we’re likely to create an architectural plan so that we’re all on the same page.
Do you offer alternative building materials to wood?
We do. Our structures can be constructed out of treated lumber or cedar. From there they can even be wrapped with stone or painted hardie. Beyond that, we commonly build with aluminum products and less commonly construct with steel.
Can you weather-proof a pergola?
We don’t install polycarbonate. While great in concept, our experience has driven our decision to move away from this product.
How do I get this approved by my HOA or city inspector?
We will handle all HOA and city permitting required by the city of Fort Worth.