Why Carvestone is the Right Choice for Texas Outdoor Living Areas

The handcrafted Carvestone overlay is a perfect choice for active families in Central and Southeast Texas planning outdoor living areas. This 1/4 – 3/8″ overlay is versatile, unique, durable and safety conscious which is just the right mix for years of happy outdoor entertaining.

Carvestone’s slip resistant manufacturing process and non-skid finishing agent make outdoor kitchen spills less of a worry. Coordinating Carvestone wall panels enhance the sophisticated appearance of outdoor cooking spaces. Quick clean up makes it easy to spend more time enjoying the outdoors than cooped up inside during meal prep.

The texture of Carvestone overlay makes it wonderful for pool areas as well. After deep cleaning any existing concrete or pool coping, Allied Outdoor Solutions will apply a specialty bonding coat. Once cured this bonding coat becomes the base for the hand troweled, hand carved, Carvestone overlay. Adding a pergola is a great way to showcase a poolside oasis. With the focus taken off of slippery tile, homeowners can spend more time relaxing in the shade while the kids play.

Fire features are another great place to enjoy a Carvestone patio. With a strength rating of 5800 PSI, this beautiful overlay is considerably stronger than concrete. It is also easily repaired if it is accidentally chipped or cracked. Professional technicians take the time to grind out the affected area, repair the mar so that it will live up to the 7 year warranty standards, and then recolor so that it is virtually invisible against the existing area. Keeping enough wood on hand for long, relaxing evenings under the stars is a lot easier when a load can be driven right up to the storage area.

The hand carved and carefully crafted Carvestone overlay treatment can do wonders for a drab back yard. Applying it over existing concrete or brick is often a good solution for remodeling projects. New hardscapes also lay well over pea gravel. The large range of color combinations and design options allow for a wide variety of unique designs that compliment existing structures and landscaping. Contact us to find out how Allied Outdoor Solutions can help you turn your yard into the perfect outdoor living space.


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