Using Concrete Overlays to Add New Colors and Patterns in Your Home

[Posted on May 20th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Even the most beautiful home needs to be touched up every now and again. Time ages all things, and that includes your rusty patio, cracked driveway, and haggard pool deck. But if you want to keep your home looking its very best without breaking your bank account, it’s worth asking what a concrete contractor can do for you. From cracked driveways to fading patios, concrete overlays can offer something stylish and suitable for virtually any surface of your home.

What is a Concrete Overlay?

Concrete overlays are an alternative to traditional acid staining. These gorgeous overlays add shine and luster to any surface. This makes them ideal for fixing worn and exhausted surfaces, and turning blemished concrete into a beautiful canvas of decorative and professional looking surfaces.

Using stencils and stains, you can create just about any look and style for your overlay. Concrete overlays can also be stamped, which can be give intricate patterns to your overlay with a range of tools, including texture mats, pattern rollers, and trowels. And these textures can be made to resemble essentially any look you want, so whether you just want a simple uniform color, a natural stone texture, or a wooden stain, theres a surface that’s perfect for any home environment.

Concrete is Economical

Concrete excels over much of its competition on simple, practical terms. It’s harder and stronger than both wood and tile, it won’t stain with grout, it’s much harder to scratch, and is largely invulnerable to water and food spills. Compared to carpeting, softness aside, concrete wins in literally every respect. It’s durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, and best of all, it’s affordable.

A quick look at the market will show you that marble, granite, and slate are equal parts elegant and expensive. Quarrying and transporting large quantities of high quality stone isn’t a project you can undertake lightly. By contrast, concrete is comparably cheap, and overlays allow you to closely emulate the look of a true stone artifice that might otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars.

In short, concrete overlays allow you to renovate your home with exactly the look you want, all without costing you an arm and a leg. With the right concrete contractor, overlays can help you capture the extravagance of the most exotic masonry without the matching price.

Concrete Overlays Are Practical

Concrete overlays also hold up fairly well to the elements. If you live in very hot or very cold climates, you know what the elements can do to concrete. Many concrete overlays are built 6,000 PSI strong, which is durable enough to safely park the heaviest vehicles on it. Properly installed by an expert concrete contractor, this strength allows concrete overlays to hold up and remain looking their best for as long as a decade with very little maintenance.

Concrete overlays are also exceptionally safe. Alternatives like stamped concrete can become slippery when wet, but a skillfully crafted concrete overlay can be made suitable for any surface of your home. Whether you’re considering touching up your pool deck, driveway, patio, walkway, or dining room, concrete is always a good choice when it comes to restoration.

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