Tips for Landscaping Your Houston Backyard With Flagstone

[Posted on June 2nd 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Explore the potential of your backyard with flagstones in Houston, which come in an array of colors, shapes and textures to truly bring out the natural look of your space. There are many benefits to incorporating flagstone into your outdoor landscape. An ideal material for patios and walkways, flagstone is a durable, versatile material featuring an organic appearance in earthy tones.


Offering a natural slip resistance, flagstone will last for years and provide a natural look to any space with its rich color variations. Flagstone is ideal in hot and dry climates because of its low maintenance, resistance to cracking, low water absorption and strength. Fortunately, flagstone in Houston is also more affordable that other stones.


The Perfect Designs


There are many ways to incorporate flagstone into your backyard, from straight to curvy to patchwork. If you’re going for a formal look, you may want to stick with a straight layout, which features flagstone placed in an offset rectangle pattern perfect for an English courtyard look. For a more casual appearance, try a curved layout by complementing the stone’s natural shape. You can use flagstone in a variety of shades to define edges in a curving, meandering pathway with just a touch of whimsy as part of its random circular pattern.


For a completely natural-looking shape, lay down flagstones as they are without cutting or shaping, spacing them enough apart that you can encourage ground cover in the spaces. Incorporate a patchwork of various colors to highlight the beautiful features of the flagstone, or go for a unified look with a singular color pattern, such as slate or dark gray to keep the focus off the walkway and on the main focal point, such as a bench or garden area.


Rich Tones and Accents


To complement the rich tones of the flagstone, incorporate foliage and vibrant blooms off to the side in purples and peaches. Fill in the space between flagstone with ground cover like low water plants for a natural look that won’t detract too much from the form or function of the patio. You can also fill the space with wolly thyme, which is great for areas that get full sun for much of the day. Other plants that do well in heat include Abelia grandiflora and Phormium cookianum. Add an organic vegetable garden-blend soil into all spaces for the low ground cover to thrive.


The beauty of flagstone lies in its ability to blend well in virtually any backyard design. It’s laid back enough that it works with any architectural pairing and never too stuffy and formal to fit in with your backyard oasis. Lush greenery and plantings only serve to accent the meandering look of flagstone, and you can even pepper your pathway or patio with accented potted plants in bright colors to offset the earthy tones of the stones.


If you’re feeling a little adventurous, make a simple stairway out of flagstone, leading to a patio area or scenic garden retreat. Blend your pathway with low stone walls on the sides that encourage guests to stroll slowly and enjoy the scenery. After all, getting there is half the fun!

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