The Restorative Power of Concrete Coating

[Posted on November 5th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Concrete surfaces are durable and versatile. They’re available in stamped patterns, solid finishes and a range of colors. They’re made to last and can handle most elements. However, the concrete can gradually start to chip and become damaged. It’s important to apply protective concrete coating to restore the attractive look and protect the finish.

Protection for Unique Situations

Concrete floors are subjected to regular traffic, and they need some protection to help them last. Concrete coating is painted onto the floor and soaks in through the porous concrete. The coating can even be used to protect concrete from certain harmful conditions. Warehouses and industrial centers may coat the floors for greater resistance to chemicals. Retail stores can use coatings to protect the concrete and make it last longer. In outdoor applications, coatings that provide sun protection or make the concrete more slip resistant are smart choices.

Easier Maintenance

Concrete does have a porous nature, and stains can soak into those pores to permanently alter the finish. Dust and dirt may be forced into little cracks, crevices and fissures. Sealants form a smooth barrier over the concrete to protect the finish and stop stains. Floors that are sealed and coated are easier to clean and are more resistant to stains.

Visual Appeal

Concrete has commonly been used in exterior applications, but it’s gradually moving to the interior. Concrete coatings add a beautiful shine to the floor that reflects light and makes it look more like natural stone or another material. It’s an easy way to change the look of floors and make them more appropriate for any given environment.

Greater Durability

The main benefit of any concrete coating is that it protects the concrete and helps it last longer. Concrete is very durable, but it can chip or crack. Once this starts to happen, it allows water and chemicals to seep down into the material and cause structural damage. With protective coatings, this isn’t a concern. The concrete is protected and preserved so it will last longer. These coatings are important in exterior applications where the concrete will see regular use, be hit with UV rays and be buried under rain water. However, it’s also important in interior applications where the floors are subjected to regular foot traffic.

Professional Looks

Coatings can be applied professionally, and there are some products that can be used by property owners. A simple clear coating for UV protection can be painted on by homeowners. Decorative finishes like smooth colors and pebbled designs should be left to the professionals to ensure that customers are satisfied with the finished product. Even high-gloss finishes, anti-corrosive protective layers and non-skid surfaces are best left to the professionals to ensure that your new floor looks incredible and exceeds your expectations.

Homeowners and businesses that want to make the most of their concrete surfaces should strongly consider the benefits of concrete coatings. These coatings protect the integrity of the concrete and prevent it from crumbling. They can also be used to drastically change the look and improve the appearance of the concrete. Useful for making surfaces more skid- or chemical-resistant, they can also be used to create the look of pebbles, smooth colors and other attractive designs.

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