What Makes Paving in Houston Essential?

[Posted on Apr 16, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

When the weather warms, many homeowners start considering changes to the landscape around their home. Installing the right types of hardscapes will add value to the property without requiring a major upfront investment. Look for projects that can be completed in a few days or weeks to improve your yard before a cookout or birthday party. Paving is a popular choice because it is relatively affordable and has a big impact on the usefulness of your home landscape. There are many ways to use paving Houston around your home, and all of them offer some common benefits.

Durable and Weather Resistant

If you want a parking spot or walkway that will last through years of rainfall and direct sun exposure, consider pavers. The binders in this paving Houston product allow it to thrive in difficult conditions. Other options are available if you need greater strength to support a large truck or full-sized recreational vehicle.

Decorative Options

Homeowners that choose concrete or cement paving options will have the most flexibility when designing a beautiful patio or walkway. Hundreds of dye and stain options allow any color you want without adding a lot of annual maintenance chores to your schedule. Improving the landscape with matching paving projects that blend into the environment makes it easy to enjoy your gardens and plants.


Paving projects are often chosen by homeowners because they eliminate wet and slippery spots that become muddy when the Houston rains fall. You don’t want a child or guest to slip and hurt themselves as they’re navigating around the yard. Running walkways out to sheds or other important buildings so you can always get through in case of flooding conditions is a smart idea. Paved driveways are also safer because they are graded for drainage. You won’t step out into a puddle of cold water when you exit your vehicle. Cars can be swept away when just a few inches of water collect on the ground, so draining paved driveways protect your investment.

Protect Your Yard

When your driveway is simply a pad of gravel leading through your property, vehicles could do serious damage to your lawn if guests have to park on the grass. Making a spacious paved driveway ensures everyone has a dry and safe place to park where they can’t get stuck and ruin the grass. Keep heavy vehicles with destructive tires off of your lawn if you don’t want to constantly spread seed each spring to keep it lush and green.

Environmental Protection

Hot asphalt paving application is more costly than concrete or piecework pavement styles, but it could help you protect the environment. Old asphalt is removed and melted back down to create new driveways that look just as good as paving projects completed with new mixtures. Petroleum oil is an important component in asphalt, so reusing older materials also helps keep your costs lower.

Paved areas stay dry and make it safe to stroll around the property in all weather conditions. Paved steps allow you to access your patio or porch without any chance of slipping if you invest in a roughened surface for extra grip. Invest in a small project to start with, and then connect more pathways to bring the space together.

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