Pavers in Houston TX Can Bring Warmth to Your Home this Winter

[Posted on November 18th , 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Versatile and durable, pavers in Houston, TX make a striking addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Whether you’re considering adding pavers to your patio or you’re looking to add a hearth to your indoor fireplace, pavers are a great choice when it comes to adding decoration and depth to your space in Houston, Texas. This winter, add warmth to your home and backyard with warm-colored pavers that encourage people to enjoy the cooler nights.

What are Pavers?

Pavers can be made from a variety of materials, such as concrete, clay or stone. They are used for laying pathways, and forming hearths, steps, driveways, pool areas, and patios. They make any space more comfortable, cozy and easy to walk on. Pavers in Houston, TX that are made from recycled materials are called composite pavers. You can customize pavers to any style you like, even having them dyed to match your color scheme. Whether you want to resemble the natural look of concrete or you want them to match the appearance of clay bricks, cobble stone or flagstone, you can’t go wrong with pavers. Choose from hexagons, square, circles, and even interlocking and irregular shapes.

Warming up Your Home

Incorporating warm colors into your decor with pavers is a fun and cozy way to welcome winter. Warm colors such as yellow, brown, beige and taupe are perfect choices for a patio or fireplace surround. As the temperature dips, choose warmer colors that evoke thoughts of comfort and coziness. Pair a rich brick-red color offset by accents such as stark white patio furniture or even light fixtures. Deep blues, oranges and browns go well with a variety of winter-themed design styles, as well. Brick pavers are always a classic way to go, as they retain their rich, warm color over time.

Choosing your Pavers

If you’re going for a rustic, informal look this winter, try stone, concrete pavers or timber, or stick with the more traditional brick and tile pavers. In the case of a backyard patio that will be exposed to the weather, choose materials that will withstand the harsh winters in your climate. Asphalt-stabilized adobe pavers and porcelain tiles can resist even the coldest temperatures to hit Houston. Stone or concrete pavers are higher in density which gives them a longer-lasting quality. They also tend not to fade as much over time.

Incorporating a Fireplace

Installing a backyard fireplace on your patio can extend the usefulness of your home and open up a whole new area for entertaining, even in the colder months. Your guests will stay warm by the fire or roast marshmallows on your brand new patio pavers. Bring the heat of the indoors outside with a stone fireplace, in matching colors that complement your patio flooring. A free-standing fireplace or firepit can provide a functional focal point for gatherings.

Pavers in Houston, TX can be the answer to a winter home improvement project. Contact your local Houston patio pavers today and find out how you can keep your home feeling warm with pavers, even during the winter months.