How Do New Driveways Improve Houston Homes?

[Posted on October 1st, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Spending money on home improvements is one of the best investments you can make to your home and installing a new driveway is by far one of the best improvements you can make. Your driveway is the first thing that your family, friends, neighbors, business associates and others see when approaching your home. Driveways in Houston that are old, cracked and showing other signs of distress simply will detract from the overall beauty of your home and create a negative first impression.

Although the winters in Houston, Texas are historically mild, Houston homeowners know all too well that severe weather including thunderstorms and massive flooding can and do occur. Your driveway bears the brunt of this wear and tear and natural deterioration from the elements. Even if you have tried to take great care of your driveway by patching troublesome spots, those materials will inevitably fail over time and will do little to improve the overall condition and appearance of your driveway. While patching can make driveways in Houston last a little longer, at some point the extra work and money invested isn’t worth it. Installing a new driveway in your home has a number of important benefits.

Improves The Look of Your Home

In many cases, the driveway completes the style of your house. By taking advantage of the newer types of material available, you can wither tie together, or reinvent the entire look of your property. An attractive option to consider installing along with your new driveway is a border. Edging materials such as bricks, or stone, can provide a stunning entrance way that features color, texture, and decorative designs.

Increases Property Value

A clean, sleek and attractive driveway naturally helps to increase your property’s overall value. It shows that, as a homeowner, you truly value and take care of all aspects of your home inside and out. If you are considering selling your home, installing a new driveway is one of the top recommendations that real estate professionals will recommend. They know from experience that potential customers can be put off by a driveway marred with dents, potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces and stains. It could lead potential buyers to think the home is riddled with other issues. Even if you have no intention of selling your home, it is important that the appraised value of your home remains as high as possible.

Helps Prevent Accidents

Failure to maintain your driveway in good shape does more than just detract from your home’s value: it also helps to prevent serious accidents and injuries. Driveways are not just for cars. Families with children often allow their kids to play in the driveway. Playing basketball in the driveway is a long held tradition for many families in Houston The driveway is an extension of your home. A driveway that has dings in it, has crumbling asphalt, or has chipped and cracked concrete can result in accidents and you, as a homeowner, can be held liable.

A new driveway can improve the overall look and functionality of your home. Making this change can take your home to new heights and, as an added bonus, potentially increase your property’s value in the process.

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