Where Would Your Home Benefit From Stamped Concrete?

[Posted on May 7th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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When we think of concrete, the first thing to usually come to mind is that bland and boring surface used for sidewalks. However, concrete that has been finished and stamped can look absolutely gorgeous in many areas of the home, while being one of the most durable and cost effective surfaces you can ask for. There are an infinite amount of looks you can achieve with stamped concrete in your Houston home.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been sanded down, colored, and stamped to achieve the appearance of wooden planks, tile, brick, stone, or a variety of other materials. Concrete can be textured or buffed for a glossy finish. Stamped concrete allows a Houston homeowner to achieve any unique look they desire for their home while reaping the other benefits of having concrete surfaces in their home.

Which Areas of my Home Can Benefit from Concrete?

Stamped concrete surfaces are extraordinarily versatile and can look absolutely fabulous in place of any other hard surface in or outside of a home. Stamped concrete makes a stylish and practical option for surfaces such as floors, driveways, walkways, walls, and counter tops. Below are some of the many advantages of using stamped concrete in place of any other surface material in your Houston home.

Low Maintenance

From vacuuming to cleaning grout, certain surfaces in your home can be an utter pain to clean. On the other hand, because of the sealants used for stamped concrete surfaces, a weekly wiping down or mopping with water and mild soap is all that is necessary to keep your concrete surface looking new. Stamped concrete surfaces also do not absorb odors.


A stamped concrete surface that has been polished and properly maintained can last more than a lifetime. If a stamped concrete surface is cared for, it can maintain its initial appearance due to its inability to be stained, scratched, dented, or damaged by flooding or harsh weather (if used outside). Stamped concrete surfaces are also completely heat resistant, which make them an excellent option for kitchen counter surfaces.


Stamped concrete surfaces are one of the best ways to achieve a look that is truly unique to your Houston home. Stamped concrete can be neutrally or vibrantly colored, textured or smooth, shiny or matte. With a variety of finishing techniques, it can be the surface of your dreams.

Energy Efficiency

Concrete surfaces are not only beautiful and practical, but they help save on energy when used inside of a home. This helps the environment and it will decrease energy bills in a Houston home. Larger stamped concrete surfaces, such as for floors or walls, will help save on heating and cooling costs by absorbing warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer.

Earth Friendliness

When choosing stamped concrete for interior floors, we often only need to work with the already-existing slab of concrete on our property. This decreases the use of various commodities that go into manufacturing materials such as hardwood or carpet. Choosing stamped concrete instead of other materials also lessens waste from scraps, and concrete can be recycled if need be. Concrete not only saves on energy in the home, but it also requires less energy to be produced. Concrete is even poured locally. Choosing stamped concrete surfaces also contributes to great air quality in a Houston home as it discourages mildew, mold, and various odors.