For Both Visual Appeal And Protection To Their Concrete Houston Homeowners Choose Carvestone

Owning a home in Houston or a surrounding area can be a very rewarding experience. The city is constantly growing and is full of culture. The weather is very nice the majority of the year but anyone that’s lived here for any amount of time knows that there are certainly periods when that weather can be brutal. Locals have learned how to make the necessary adjustments when those harsh conditions occur but homeowners have to deal with the effect these conditions have their home, specifically the exterior.

Because so many of these homeowners spend time outside, any time an outdoor concrete surface begins to get damaged or show other effects from time and weather, protecting these areas is a primary concern. Allied Outdoor Solutions is a local home improvement company that focuses on providing the kind of protection for concrete houston homeowners can count on to last for years longer than the other options available on the market, such as stamped concrete. Allied Outdoor Solutions installs Carvestone concrete coating, by hand, to any concrete surface.

The Carvestone coating offers a 5800 PSI rating, nearly double that of concrete alone and much higher than the commonly used stamped concrete. Carvestone’s protection is only one reason it’s inferior to other options. Without requiring messy tear-outs, an Allied Outdoor Solutions team can transform the look of your driveway, patio, pool deck or other exterior living space, giving it the look of real stone. So not only does Carvestone protect better than the alternatives, it’s amazing to look at.


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