Approaching the Installation of Flagstone in Houston as a Work of Art

[Posted 20 Feb 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Among the installers who work with flagstone in Houston, prices can vary greatly. Some contractors focus on only fulfilling the minimal requirements of a job and completing it quickly, while others treat their projects as masterpieces. Homeowners can get an initial sense of how a contractor approaches laying flagstone, but they can only know how he views flagstone patios and walkways by seeing previous projects.

As with any home improvement project, homeowners should ask for references when selecting a flagstone installer. These references should either be nearby works that can be seen in person, or they should at least include pictures of the work. A simple written testimony from a previous customer is not enough. When observing the past work of a contractor, homeowners should look for:

Consistently spaced joints
No running bonds (continuous lines)
No four-way stops
Even stones
A variety of stone sizes
Consistently distributed color (if mixing colors)

These marks of quality reveal the craftsmanship of the contractor laying flagstone. Houston-area homes that have flagstone patios with consistent spacing and unique patterns look much better than those that are quickly installed without attention to detail. Because a flagstone patio or walkway is a long-term investment that adds value to a house, homeowners should seek out an installer whose previous jobs have these characteristics. For, he will approach installing his next flagstone patio as a work of art.

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